The King Of Pop&039;s Quirky Habits: A Glimpse Into Michael Jackson&039;s Eccentricities

Michael Jackson, the legendary King of Pop, was known for his unparalleled talent and iconic status. However, beyond his music, he also possessed a unique personality marked by an array of peculiar behaviors. Join us as we delve into some of the most intriguing quirks that defined the enigmatic Michael Jackson.

**Oxygen Chambers and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy**

Jackson believed in the rejuvenating powers of oxygen. He reportedly owned several portable oxygen chambers and regularly underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves breathing pure oxygen at high pressure. Some speculated that this practice stemmed from his fear of aging and desire to preserve his youthful appearance.

**Sleep Schedules and Dream Analysis**

Jackson had an unusual sleep pattern. He would often sleep in a darkened room during the day and stay awake at night, working and creating music. He also reportedly placed great importance on dream analysis, believing that his dreams held insights into his subconscious and creative process.

**Neverland Ranch: A Whimsical Retreat**

Jackson's sprawling estate, Neverland Ranch, was a testament to his imaginative and childlike nature. The property featured a zoo, amusement park, and numerous whimsical buildings, including a "Neverland Clock" with hands that moved backward.

**Plastic Surgery and Skin Bleaching**

Jackson's physical appearance underwent significant transformations throughout his life. He underwent numerous plastic surgery procedures, including multiple nose jobs, chin implants, and cheekbone augmentation. He also reportedly bleached his skin to achieve a lighter complexion, citing a skin condition as a factor.

**Chimpanzee Companions**

Jackson had a deep affinity for chimpanzees. He kept several as pets, including Bubbles, who became his constant companion. Bubbles traveled with Jackson, slept in his bed, and even attended events dressed in a tuxedo.

**Unusual Food Habits**

Jackson's dietary preferences were as eccentric as his other habits. He reportedly had a strict macrobiotic diet, avoiding meat, dairy, and sugar. He also believed in the healing powers of certain foods, such as ginger and cayenne pepper.

**Mysophobia and Fear of Germs**

Jackson had an extreme fear of germs and contamination. He wore surgical masks in public, avoided shaking hands, and reportedly had his staff use antibacterial wipes to clean everything he touched.

**Eccentricities as a Reflection of His Creativity**

While Jackson's quirks may seem unusual, they also provide a glimpse into his artistic process. His fascination with oxygen symbolized his desire for immortality and his constant pursuit of perfection. His dream analysis fueled his imaginative lyrics and visionary performances. And his childlike wonder at Neverland Ranch inspired his playful spirit that captivated audiences worldwide.

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