Watch THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER’s First Three Shows Ever

watch the black dahlia murders first three shows ever

Depending on the band, when old footage is unearthed, it can go two ways: they shudder with horror or they have a ball checking out their younger selves finding their way on the road to heavy metal glory. So when footage from death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder‘s first shows ever surfaced online (three, to be exact), they clearly had a ball with it, and actually shared it on their socials for fans to watch.

All three videos were uploaded on May 5 on the Preserving Hardcore YouTube channel. Descriptions indicate TBDM’s first show took place in April of 2001, while the two additional shows are from the fall of that same year. One of the performances has been confirmed as taking place in Michigan, and all three were filmed by someone named Justin Schrank. His relationship with the band, if any, is unknown. It’s hard to tell what kind of venues the bands were playing and to what kind of audience, but the third video from October of 2001 seems to be more of a proper room.

Finding videos like this are always a treat for fans, and everyone has a favorite. Personally, I enjoy the video of Guy Picciotto from Fugazi climbing through a basketball hoop during a set that appears to be happening in a gymnasium.

You can watch the three Black Dahlia Murder shows below:

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

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