Watch LIMP BIZKIT Play A Record Store Parking Lot In 1997

watch limp bizkit play a record store parking lot in 1997

Limp Bizkit released their debut album Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$ on July 1, 1997. The band would begin touring in support of the record the next day on Warped Tour, though we’re not focusing on those shows. Instead, we’re looking at the mid-Warped Tour show Limp Bizkit played in the parking lot of the 7th Heaven record store in Kansas City between the July 13 and 15 dates of the tour.

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The set was all songs from Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$ including the now-legendary George Michael cover of “Faith.” It’s also a cool set because of where the audio is recorded – you can really hear bassist Sam Rivers throughout! The show ran as follows:

  1. “Counterfeit”
  2. “Nobody Loves Me”
  3. “Pollution”
  4. “Stuck”
  5. “Faith”

Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$ would only produce one single in the form of “Counterfeit” that did not chart. Still, the record has gone on to sell 2 million copies in the United States alone.

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