“Thriller” (original upload)

Update: 1/29/01 Video can be seen worldwide except in Germany.

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1,500 plus CPDRC prisoners of the Cebu Provincial Detention as well as Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines at method! This is not the last routine, and most definitely not a penalty!


What made me select Michael Jackson's Thriller for the aerobics program is that Michael Jackson was a convicted guy to the eyes of those that hated him. He would certainly have remained in put behind bars had it not been for settlement plans, they would claim. Still Michael Jackson's frailty as a human being makes him like among us– whether one is a prisoner or otherwise.

I saw in the lyrics and also video of Thriller much of exactly what jail society is like. Due to the ugly conditions behind bars, jails are like tombs and inmates resemble eerie creatures. The only distinction is that professional dancers in the MJ Thriller video featured make-up as well as costumes. The Dance Prisoners come as themselves. Individuals regarded to be bad.

The message of the Thriller is a message for everyone. The funk of forty thousand years embedded in the cycle of wrong as well as punishment is a legacy no mere temporal could stand up to or is capable of standing up to. No prison wall can and also will stop wicked from prowling in the dark. No shackle could quit the beast ready to strike. No revengeful or brutal treatment is ever as well solid to quit creatures crawling in search of blood. Unless we quit breeding devils in jails, gruesome ghouls from every burial place will certainly seal the ruin of countries and civilizations.

What I desired prisoners to do in dancing to the Thriller was for them to be convicted to transgression. When I submitted this on the YouTube, exactly what I wanted customers to see is exactly how bad dances in our lives without knowing its deathly repercussions.

However then the story number is however a tool to the message. The message is, governments need to quit looking at jails darkly. We need to quit being captivated as well as delighted by the sting of transgression. We need to take a look at prisons beyond the cycle of criminal activity as well as penalty and also certainly look inside underlying social, social as well as psychological ramifications of recovery.

Despite just how prisons are called, prisons by any type of name are still heck– the remains's shell. It is an area in the map that governments would love to hide however can not hide. It resembles the "horror looking right between the eyes, you're disabled." This immobilizing truth is such that if we make prisons an ordeal, we might be breeding the future generation demons or beast and we might be sending out adversaries once they are released as well as rehabilitated to culture.

Michael Jackson may have revealed the evils of this Earth in the Thriller yet he had a solid message of conserving humanity from doom in his "Recover the Globe" where he stated "recover the globe, make it a far better location, for you as well as for me as well as the whole mankind." Michael Jackson's message was a message of redemption. "There are individuals passing away if you care sufficient for the living, make it a much better area for you as well as for me." We could have lost out exactly what Michael was aiming to claim beyond the verses.