Thriller – Michael Jackson (Lyrics)

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" Thriller – Michael Jackson (Lyrics)".
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    1. Thea PH my fav. Idk why but yes. (Maybe, it’s because, i can sing it easily.)

    2. Me too 😉

    3. Cause this is thriller, thriller night
      There ain’t no second chance against
      The thing with the forty eyes, girl
      Thriller, thriller night
      You’re fighting for your life inside
      A killer, thriller tonight

    4. Me too

  2. #MJlovers
    R.I.P. love u MJ 😭😭

    1. I miss him too

    2. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    3. We love you Michael jackson

    4. @Emma Svenvevo la tuya por si acaso

    5. Thanks to Conrad Murray for killing him with Milk Drug called Profopol!

  3. if only he was still alive there would be more better songs

    1. @judy walter wasn’t even a pedo .lol he started performing at a young age, so he didn’t really experience being a child. Why he liked kids

    2. Tyra Khan I- His pfp was taken when he was alive.

    3. He is alive he just doesn’t want to make music

    4. @Adorable – CATS he’s not i-

    5. Ikr I miss him 🙁

  4. I Hope U Like It Guys !!!! #DopeLyrics || Who likes that Laught at the end of the song ?
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    1. PP

    2. Por que no hay videos de la canción completa de Thriller?? Faltan mas partes..?

    3. Primrose Finch n

    4. @kelly lynn cool

  5. Even though michael Jackson is not in this world anymore, he’s still one of the best artist’s. We all miss him 😞😖😢❤

    1. @Zoe LikesPizza I’m still alive it was all a hoax

    2. Seska Watkins same!!

    3. You are very very very true

    4. Fun fact: my little sister was born on the death of Michael jackson. (June 25 2009) she’s 11 now. Coincidence.

    5. @🚪👩‍🦼💨 correct

  6. I miss this guy even if he’s not in my time!

    1. @Fritz Kulern how?

  7. I love Michael 🖤

    1. Michael jackson is 👑

    2. SalemIsHere
      It doesn’t matter to you.

    3. @바야바 no

    4. @ihdj hegeh nn i dont mike these song

  8. I don’t trust you if you listened to the whole song without attempting to do the dance

    1. Wait theirs a dance XD I’m new ok

    2. Yeah fine you got me I started dancing at 0:10 XD

    3. Hehe now you made me start dancing

  9. A girl | we need to go

    Michael Jackson | we can’t

    Girl | why

    Michael Jackson | cause this is thriler

    1. 😂😂😂

    2. Lmao it wasnt The RIGHT time to thrill but still lmao😂😂😂

    3. Nice reference to the original music video.

    4. @Hichigo Shirosaki yea yea my uncle let me watch it!!

  10. The King of Pop!!! 🎤💃👑

  11. Michael Jackson, one of the most important and now nostalgic famous singers, one of the best iconic male idols…You’re may now in heaven but to us you’re always with us, so rest in peace forever

    1. Yes, he’s alive in our hearts

    2. hes in hell actually 🤣

    3. @Northeenz can’t tell if that was a joke or not

    4. @Aviv Even-Zohar …There’s -18 people reading this…🤦‍♀️

  12. “There’s no escaping the jaws of the alien this time, this is the end of your life”
    Area 51 raiders: *Hold up-*

    1. ILikeCheeseSauce110 I like the invasion of area 51

    2. Very bad

  13. Alguien q hable español y este en el 2019??

    1. @Alex Pixel jajaajah ya iba a decir yo si me se 9 idiomas

    2. Ermosa

    3. Cancion

    4. Hsgwhwyywyw

  14. quien la escucha en el 2020….

    1. Yo, por fin leyendo un mensaje en español.

    2. Jaja yo

    3. tu es espanhol

  15. COVID-19 and im still trying to stay alive

  16. “There ain’t no second chance against the thing with 40 eyes” got me sh00k

    1. Grace Yeichner same

  17. I had a dream, Michael Jackson an Freddie Mercury together in a concert, later I realize that I was in the day 50 of quarantine.

    1. @Damian9303 He had 2 wives….3 childrens….So u r totally wrong bonehead

    2. Maybe you died for one second and you were in a concert in the heaven

    3. @Damian9303 Oh my god Michael was NOT gay dumbass

    4. @James Bautista I’m not saying Michael was gay but gay men can pretend to be straight their entire lives and have wives and children of their own

    5. @Damian9303 MJ not gay

      He’s have 2 son and 1 daughter

  18. If a zombie apocalypse were ever to happen, I going to make sure to play this song on full blast.

    1. I want to be there!

    2. That would be my first reaction

    3. True

    4. Just do the hands on the knees part of the dance, youll be good.


  19. I was 4 when he died, And yet he’s my favorite artist ever

  20. I swear if 2020 brings a zombie apocalypse imma scream this song as loud as I can

    1. Oh My God Yes!!


    3. I dont trust 2020. I’m sure there’s gonna be something else happening. I’M SURE!

    4. @Srinayana Ponugoti well it’s almost 2021 so UwU

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