The Flight Attendant Season 2 Keeps the Story Going — and Soars: Review

the flight attendant season 2 keeps the story going and soars review

The Pitch: When the first season of The Flight Attendant hit HBO in late November of 2020, it signaled a bit of a shift for star Kaley Cuoco (who also acts as an executive producer on the series). Known best for her longtime role on The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco entered new territory for many viewers with the twisty, darkly comedic mystery, and stuck the landing as an alcoholic flight attendant, imbuing the title character with something so human the audience couldn’t help but be sympathetic to her antics. Season 1 caught on quickly through word of mouth as the puzzle unfolded.

Season 2, premiering on HBO with the first two episodes on Thursday, April 21st, picks back up with Cassie (Cuoco) living her very best life. Things are a bit different for our chaotic heroine — she’s relocated to Los Angeles, she has a charming and handsome boyfriend in her life, and she’s sober. Oh, yeah, and she’s moonlighting as a CIA civilian asset in her free time.

Preparing for Takeoff: Despite all the changes, some things remain the same for Cassie and her cabin crew. She’s still flying, and, because she can’t help herself, she gets herself into a new boatload of trouble just minutes into the Season 2 premiere. While the first entry of the show was based off a novel by Chris Bohjalian and could’ve feasibly wrapped as a miniseries, this second chapter thankfully feels like a reasonable and natural continuation of the story.


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The role of Cassie’s dear friends, Annie and Max (Zosia Mamet and Deniz Akdeniz), is slightly expanded this go-around, while her brother Davey (T.R. Knight) has the chance to unpack some drama of his own. The writers didn’t lose the thread of Rosie Perez’s life on the run as Cassie’s friend Megan, nor Shane’s (Griffin Matthews) presence as Cassie’s gateway to the CIA. (Will Miranda, the fabulous, dangerous, icy, operative played spectacularly by Michelle Gomez, make an appearance? Our lips are sealed.)

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