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Pink Room EP

The alt-pop trio’s stripped-down EP plays almost like a series of demos, abandoning anything that gets in the way of singer Kelly Zutrau’s hushed melodies.


The singer’s latest album is both overbearing and underbaked, smothering lovely vocals and intriguing ideas underneath blockbuster features and irritating interludes.


The singer and songwriter’s second album sung almost entirely in Cornish is a document of a revived linguistic heritage with a breezy, ethereal touch.

Living Torch

The Stockholm-based composer is best known for her pipe-organ compositions, but here, she uses trombone, bass clarinet, and ARP 2500 to explore the strange radiance of just intonation.

Cavern World

Satirizing the mindset of the alt-right internet troll requires more gravitas than these Swedish punks can pull off consistently. But what Cave World lacks in bite, it tends to …