Enjoy the HSCC in Show As Needed (U.S.A. ONLY)

' ROCK WITH YOU' (Michael Jackson traditional) carried out Live by the HINDLEY STREET NATION CLUB feat Kat Jade

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Produced by HSCC
Engineered by Producernerd

Taped Live at Adelaide Recording Studios, South Australia
Support Team: PeterV@Derringers
Video Camera: Peadar McBride

Lead vocals: Kat Jade
Bass & vocals: Constantine Delo
Guitar: Colin Elmer
Piano & vocals: Darren Mullan
Keyboard: Dave Ross
Drums: Mario Marino
Percussion: Steve Todd

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  1. Ah back in the day when you didn’t have to stand 2 metres apart…. I miss those days.

    1. @Mike Lliteras It’s better to be 2 or more meters apart than being 6ft under😉🇲🇾

    2. LOL…😅

    3. @Kur0y4m4 My friend your story is like mine. I had gigs every weekend. Last gig was March 13th.
      The following week everything cancelled.
      We talking,OUCH! Been gigging straight every weekend for the last 13yrs. Then Wham! Like you said can’t even have a rehearsal. Of course I’m woodshedding. But that gets cut short sometimes when I start Tripping. Hang in there my friend cause your not the only one:)

    4. My friend back in the day was A Month Ago. A Month Ago is when the #### Hit the Fan.

    5. Kids should of stood 2 meters apart from wako🥒

  2. OK, so who else besides me just smiled all the way through this? …. 🙂

    1. ☝😄

    2. Me too. A great group enjoying this!!👌🏻❤️

    3. Yep😍😎🥳😃

    4. Right here man!

  3. I’ve produced some of the best studio musicians in Los Angeles. That said, I’ve watched several of these videos and I can honestly tell you watching these videos people need realize how talented these musicians are. Usually to secure such tight performances multiple takes have to be laid down individually and then mixed with seasoned engineers to extrapolate the best of their ability and performance. But these guys are pros through and through having a deep understanding of not only every note they play, but know the studios dynamics, environment and mixing gear as to where to they are playing to perfection…playing tight live performances song after song. Big thumbs up especially to the bass player. His creative runs and the choices he makes continue to be an anchor in every song they play. Without question a player that can be a great asset for hire for any super star artists out there. I produced musicians that played with Elton John, Rod Stewart and even Air Supply. So, hopefully my comments will hold a mild amount of credibility. Keep up the good work!

    1. Sounds like you are looking for attention not looking to help.

    2. Joe believe me I realise how brilliant and masterful these musicians are. 🇦🇺 Pure

    3. What Joe said.

    4. I actually was part of the production team of Rock With You. Decent rendition for sure.

    5. @Ginny What Love Leonid & Friends. I have seen them perform 3 times live in the US. Top notch musicians too.

  4. As a 35 year Yamaha bass player, let me say the bass tone is killing it.

    1. @tjrox I had one when I was in College. I have an Ibanez now.

    2. I think.Nathan east played that old bass

    3. @T. Price Like you would know….

    4. Can we see you baby? X

    5. I am 72 I will let you guess how long I have been a bassist I look for two things when watching a fellow bassist perform first their musicianship and being an avid bass guitar collector what kind of bass they play this gentleman knows his axe’s period!

  5. Nota 10 essa execução musical, ao estilo e perfomace do falecido, extraordinário Michael Jackson.

  6. Singer voice is really good and deserves a better audio – upgrade so we can hear her and the band has a great sound! Great or performance!

    1. Yeah, I’ll second that!

    2. Are you saying that some of the notes are too low for her limited vocal range?

  7. This is real music played by real professional musicians, thank you for posting

  8. I want to hear more of this woman.

    1. They are a great team and she can blow. Her voice is great.

    2. Her talent is amazing. She is every bit as good as Basia (remember Matt Bianco)!

    3. KAT JADE, she have a YouTube Chanel

  9. Nothing better than seeing people smile while playing music

    1. Absolutely right. Better still to find that I’m smiling along. That’s so rare.

    2. damn right, you enjoy the music even more if the ones playing it are enjoying.

    3. Totally agree!

    4. This is totally their X factor! Great musos and singers, highly developed business minds with a clear vision of what they want from life BUT still digging the simple pleasure playing together; and not afraid to show it. It’s the best of all worlds.

    5. That is why this band is so fresh and nice

  10. This band need to come to the US on tour. They are phenomenal 🥰

  11. sempre bom escutar o rei do pop

  12. Having played for several years and in the studio , these guys are top class and bloody good, just love watching them,,

  13. just love kat jade, little girl with huge fabulous voice.

  14. ” Dos Musicos Club” ( Suburbio of Rio de Janeiro – Brasil – 1980 )

  15. The best cover, really, rock with You baby, aguevo..

  16. It’s not scientifically possible to be in a bad mood while listening to this.

    1. Awesome Chris 🤣🤣

    2. Haha!

    3. I am

    4. Amazing!!!

    5. 😂 It’s impossible 🤣

  17. One of the best cover bands I’ve ever heard. They’re all terrific and enjoy what they do. Here’s wishing you much success!

  18. Just look at the way she moves, Kat not only sings like a bird but her movement is on point !

  19. Brilliant. Haven’t heard such a groovy and great sounding band for a long time. Folks, you can easily compete with the greatest.Since you can do it so well live, anyway. That voice, divine.

  20. I can’t understand why Australia’s Got Talent didn’t pick this lady. She is extremely talented.

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