One Guy, 17 Voices (Billie Eilish, Michael Jackson, Post Malone & MORE)

I'm back! New VOICES VIDEO with singing impressions of FAMOUS artists!

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It feels great to be back after the hiatus! In "1 Person, 17 Voices" I do singing impressions of Billie Eilish, Michael Jackson, Post Malone, The Weeknd, Tones and I, Eminem, Brandon Flowers, 6ix9ine, Sean Paul, Britney Spears, Freddie Mercury, Travis Scott, Lil Nas X, Lil Pitchy, Bazzi, Lewis Capaldi and Harry Styles. I hope you like it!

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  1. challenge accepted

    1. Came here from your video. Got to say, this was rather disappointing.

    2. You killed it Anthony, watched both vids, yours destroyed roomie…

    3. I actually watched yours first and then came here lol.

    4. Sir dont crush him to badly….everyone knows you are da king.

  2. The m&m shirt while doing Eminem 😂

    1. I only realized now that you changed your channel name😂😂😂

    2. Madilyn I love ur vids Plus lol

    3. Madilyn it’s free real estate you know

  3. Ok but that Lil Pitchy jam is radio ready

    1. I’m a huge fan Daniel and I watch you ALL the time

    2. I bet you don’t even skate

  4. He’s actually dressing up now and he ain’t staring at your soul while singing lmao.

    1. Yes, but his impressions were way better in 2014-15, here’s he’s mainly just singing as himself with a slight accent, listen to harry styles and Eminem’s, it’s just him, then go back to his 2014 and how you can’t hear the slightest hint of his real voice.

    2. Yah but Britney Spears is

  5. The lil pitchy was so accurate it almost sounded like he sang it.

    1. @ISTUDZZZ fan r/whooooosh

    2. @LyricsLand Official r/whoooooooooooooooosh

    3. @David Velemir god damn calm down dude

    4. @Shaahin Faezi FINNALY
      Some one who understands.

  6. Also know as:

    *one guy, 17 copyright claim’s*

    1. only 16 cause he is lil pitchy

    2. Jaxon Pifer T

    3. @Blazin Kelso Garrett dude, its not funny anymore, that lil pitchy and roomie being different people thing is so overdone in the comment section.

    4. Well not really I don’t think the background songs cannot be copyrighted and he sang them instead of using the same song sooooooooooooooooo

    5. @MaxToTheMax no, if you sing a song you can still get copyrighted, but in this case, there were no copyright claims because in the video he stated that this was “voices” and not songs because its an impersonation, just letting you know!❤️

  7. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact of how many clothes he has?

    1. @Et awww thanks 🙂

    2. LizzyAnimatesUwU all I got to say is that furries don’t deserve to walk this earth

    3. @Et rude and offensive

    4. LizzyAnimatesUwU btw, I realize why exactly you were surprised that he has more than 2 outfits. You’re a furry, so you wear a furry suit every single second of the day. You don’t ever take it off. Not even to sleep, use the restroom, or shower.

    5. Et, I barely have a fur suit!

  8. Is no one gonna talk about how on point his Harry Styles impression is?

    1. His Harry Styles impression was little bit off

    2. Almost too good to be true

    3. It was good but It wasn’t on point it was a bit of

    4. Brooklyn Coleman RIGHT!!!?

  9. He NAILED Freddy Mercury’s voice, just incredible Freddy Mercury, impressive!

    1. Aereus Subliminals no he’s bad and I can do what ever I want

    2. Jackson Truax are you playing stupid or do you not get the joke…

    3. En Norrländsk jävel he such a jerk

    4. Jackson Truax that doesn’t answer my question…

    5. @En Norrländsk jävel Don’t answer his replies he’s probably just a troll idolizing people on TikTok

  10. Joel: Starts to rap like Eminem
    YouTube subtitles: uh.. [Music]

    1. Bruh he raps

    2. @Aiden Aidenmgamerh Thats my point 😂😂

    3. Uh… (music)

    4. this was my comment 🙁

  11. Jonas: How much autotune do you want?
    6ix9ine Roomie: *Y e s*


  12. Billie eillish voice was too good 😳

    He is evolving guys 😰😰😰

  13. The weeknd – Blinding lights
    Tones and I – dance monkey
    Post malone – circles
    Michael Jackson – Billie Jean
    Bazzi – mine
    Britney spears – baby one more time
    Eminem – Rap God
    Sean Paul – Temperature
    Lil Pitchy – livin for that
    Lil nas x – old town road (remix) ft. Billy ray cyrus
    Lewis Capaldi – someone you loved
    6ix9ine – fefe ft. Nicki minaj
    Billie eilish – bad guy
    Harry styles – sign of the time
    Travis Scott – sicko mode
    The Killers – mr. Brightside
    Queens – We will Rock you

    1. Thanks

    2. Sarhan The Best it Queen not Queens

    3. Thanks! This helped

    4. Thx man

  14. Imagine Joel having to explain to the cashier why he needs an adult sized Fortnite T-Shirt

    1. Lmao, would of imagined he bought it online

  15. He really doesn’t sound like Lil Pitchy. I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s true

    1. Jaxon Pifer r/wooosh

    2. @Jaxon Pifer but if I delete mine too then no one sees what happens 🙂

    3. @Imanee Nazeefah Binti Izhar i already took screenshots, your comments are still with me 🙂

    4. @Jaxon Pifer cute 🙂 but don’t think I haven’t done the same, they’re in my photo library and I can whip them out anytime :3

    5. Deleted comments because…. why? Lol

  16. Why does he sound more like Travis Scott than Travis Scott

    1. @Hungry hippo Limpo what?

    2. Hahahahahahhaha

    3. uhh, its impossible to sound more like someone than that person, just impossible

    4. @Jaxon Pifer get the joke

    5. Identity reveal at 7M subs

  17. Roomie: sings

    Neighbor:how many people are in there

    1. Ha , that made me laugh 😂

    2. Who is Ronnie 😂🥛

    3. @Charlie Velie huh

  18. THE RESPECT he has for wearing a fortnite shirt doing Travis Scott.

  19. RoomieOfficial: doing some impressions
    Neighbor: (curios) like how many people living in that house?

  20. Roomie: “starts singing his song”
    Me: dang if he created that it would’ve been cool.
    Roomie: Yeah that was actually me.

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