OMG HIS VOICE IS UNIQUE- Michael Jackson – Billie Jean | Allie Sherlock & Fabio Rodrigues

While I was busking on the street, I was joined by this amazing musician, Fabio Rodrigues. I like this person! This is me and Fabio carrying out Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Delight in!





Fabio YouTube

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  1. *New Tim Maia?! I like this!*

    1. kkkkkk pior q é vdd

    2. @Luiz Fernando Fui no insta do cara em fotos antigas ele fala português, dá para concluir que é brasileiro?

    3. @Jefferson Junior Ele é brasileiro msm !! hahahahaha

    4. Espero que seja brasileiro,orgulho.!!!

  2. Seems like some very happy people to be around

    1. England mate … unhappy people !

    2. Yes ~ ♡
      So nice ~ 🌝 🌞 🌿

    3. @Mark Wright 🤭😆🤣

    4. @DrastyyK- Dublin mate

    5. @DrastyyK- Dublin IR

  3. If you look closely there’s a guy playing guitar and singing.

    1. Tf you talking about bruh 😂

    2. @Lee Tay what?!

    3. @Ned Ludd she is 9

    4. @Peter Welsh shut up loser

    5. @elmagnificodep yep

  4. This one’s got everything… yea I saw the girl… but her voice…. and his guitar licks… what a combo…. thank you…. the world is richer.

    1. Qqqqqqqqqqq

    2. Qqqqqqqqq

    3. @Archit misal that’s a 14 year old girl you are talking about .Respect

    4. @dexter2433 15 year old Allie Sherlock from Ireland and has her own you tube channel.x

    5. @Ellie Goldie ohhhhh sorry……(as Daniel Harris scream queen said) I am shakin in ma boots

  5. What a recordable Voice. Amaizing!

  6. He’s amazing você da hora guy amazing

  7. YouTube recommendations really nailed it this time!

    1. Woah found you here!

    2. What up niqqa

    3. @Pet wussy your name 😂😂😂😂

    4. @Tim Milgram O.o maybe a dance choreography calling him out to make the arrangement? o.O

  8. this black dude is straight up a music machine. he can sing, play guitar and beatbox. next he’s starting doing backflips

    1. @Edward Castillowhat if he didn’t know his name? Stop being such a sensitive snowflake over facts. Fabio is black, get over it. We’re all still human and I see no discrimination in this comment.

    2. I like the white girl!

    3. @Nazeem Actually you are being more sensitive about it then Edward Castillo.

    4. @TheWinterShadow How is him saying “theres nothing wrong with it” sensitive lol?

    5. 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. parabens fabiooooooo

    1. Ele é brasileiro?

    2. Ele é brasileiro?

  10. Eu sou fã número 1 do Michel. sou do Brasil e amei 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    1. E o mano ainda é BR, Brasil representando

    2. Fábio Rodrigues brasileiro e canta muiiiiiito!!!!

    3. O meu Brasil é cheio de talento dentro e também exporta !!🇧🇷🇮🇹

  11. 30 seconds in and I hit the like button, it only got better

  12. He sounds alot like Tracy Chapman

    1. Looks like her too

    2. He could be her son

    3. I bet he drives a fast car.

    4. @TOMBSTONE SHADOW but the kid is not her son

  13. trop fort !!

  14. For 38 years i Never knew this song was about someone claiming a child wasn’t his….lol

    1. what will you learn in the next 38?

    2. Ikr the same here lol 🤣 never knew it was singing about “the kid is not my son” first time learning it 🤣

    3. I always heard “but the jealousy of my son” and wondered what the hell he was talking about lmao

    4. Before your comment, I always thought the lyric was ” the king is not my son” . Now I know that’s ” the kid is not my…”

    5. love this girl

  15. I am not a Jackson fan but this guy has what it takes.

    1. how can you not be a MJ fan

    2. @lil grapehead literally like wtf

    3. You not a Jackson’s fan? How young are you?

    4. Claude Lalancette how r u not a fan

  16. This could possibly be one of the best YouTube videos ever.

    1. I agree with you 👍

  17. For everyone looking at the girl, “Hi I’m Chris Hanson, take a seat.”

    1. You were great in Pink Floyd man!

    2. Hi I’m younger than her

    3. Am only 16 soooo

  18. Her falseto legato is superb. The guy too had clear power voice.

  19. He looks like a young Cassius Clay but carrying a few extra pounds. Oh and he’s brilliant!

    1. mohammed ali*

  20. Casually great. The girl cracks me up. One moment I’m wondering what she’s doing there. She’s looks a bit self conscious, maybe even awkward. Then she throws in a few very slick dance moves which caught my interest. Then she kills the vocals. I’m like, “ah, that’s why she’s there!” And the dude slays the guitar licks.

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