New proof that Michael Jackson is still alive in 2017! MUST SEE VIDEO

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MJ died, people die and it was hard in the 90's 00's to be a popstar, you were really a huge popstar there was no social media. when people try to roast you you'd simply burn. when socialmedia came and everyone's 15 min of fame was made possible these stars realized what had happened to them, and that they are just as human as everone else. they were born too early to handle the huge shift that happened around 2012. thank god cases like this never happen again although we will never know music like Michael Jackson unfortunately. Mj and all those popstars are nothing but used, they are nothing but an outlet for all of the problems in the world like icons statues and people project all the shit possible on them in the world like they are not even human. and it was their job to handle. nomatter how good of a person you'd be you were the place to bring attention for all the bs in the world. mjs death it's an accidental suicide, no its's an accidentally unfortunate set up murder! google projective identification. i wish people took note of this.

New proof that Michael Jackson is in 2017! MUST SEE VIDEO follow me on Instagram: @frequencypsy

All celebrities are under MK ULTRA, yes even many of the underground, lesser famous ones. Many of these people were sold into the program as children, or lured into hollywood via their already fractured minds. Why do you think most celebrities, come from such fucked up, abusive and dysfunctional backgrounds?