Michael Jackson’s Ghost Speaks To Me From GRAVE

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Today omargoshtv checks out the Forrest Lawn Cemetery where Michael Jackson is buried. Throughout this paranormal investigation OMARGOSHTV does a spirit box session with michael jackson at his tomb and the responses from michael jackson's ghost were unreal.

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  1. Imagine hearing a “hee hee” behind you, while you’re exploring LOL

    1. What if I told you I have family in there. Michael Jackson’s coffin is straight down the hall behind that entrance door

    2. YEA right BPY 😂😂😂🤣🤣

    3. 🙊🙉🙈

    4. Lolllll yesss

  2. Michael Jackson be like: Get out of HEE-HEERE

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. 😆👆u right

    3. @Hello all in his number and.😭😭😭😭😭🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🖕🏿🖕🏿

    4. “If you don’t i will call the poli hee heece”

    5. @Ruben duivenvoorden that game was gold

  3. i miss michael jackson

    1. Are you underaged though?

    2. Michael jackson is in the lake of fire for what he did to people and kids so dont miss him

    3. Who me?

  4. When I was a kid, me and may aunt keep collecting his cd and we’ve watched his concert through cd (yep, it was taped). It was our dream to see/touch and hug him, when we heard about his death we cried and keep watching/listening to his songs. I adore him, I love Mj!!!! I miss Mj so much. ☹️💜

    1. I cried too

    2. Is it true that Michael was talking or some thing

    3. Abelia Gandi nope the sound is from the speaker i saw it

  5. 13:43 sounds like someone saying “ I want to hear you “

    1. What if its saying I won’t be near you or I want to be near you …

    2. I have a question for me and the boys are going back 🙂☺️ and I will be at my place in the world and I 13:43

  6. I heard ‘thriller” at 9:16

    1. Ohhhhhhh

    2. I’m scared???

  7. Sounds like he wants to talk but others are over riding his words.

    1. To be fair they were sitting in a cementery, a lot of other spirits could feel attracted to the spirit box

    2. Flikz ohh no wonder

    3. It was the same at the ranch. He was so soft spoken in life, it wouldnt surprise me if he still has no voice on the other side.

  8. 10:19 the “weird” sounded like his voice😥❤❤

    1. Yeah

    2. Not really it sounded like Donald Trump lol

  9. When you showed those kids I had a mini heart attack

    1. exalcty lmao

    2. Me too

    3. Hannah Sexton same

    4. Jesus Christ tho children statues actually scared th living sh*t outta me

  10. Why don’t you ever ask questions like if they are in heaven or hell? Eager to hear that answer.

    1. He said he still there so he is not in heaven

    2. These are demons or maybe lost souls answering and not MJ or anyone else.

    3. WTF men

    4. There is no hell

    5. @Celtic Highlander&AHook there is

  11. I’m really sad that Michael Jackson died when I was born

    1. I was pregnant with my daughter doing that time.just the other day I was educating her on Michael Jackson

    2. Me too

    3. I was born 2006

    4. I was born on 2009 25 june

    5. I KNOW RIGHT what’s sad is he died on the day I was born

  12. 6:49 you mess with the kids
    7:05 the kids mess with you

    1. Omg YES MAN

  13. Who still miss Michael Jackson 2020 I miss his dance🕺🏻 moves I miss him singing 😴😴😴💤

    1. I miss micheal and xxxtentocion😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😥😥

    2. I miss him to Micheal is my inspiration I idolized him as a kid and now he’s gone
      R.I.P Micheal Jackson😭🙏

    3. Really missing him alot still🥺🥺♥️

    4. Me

  14. 6:49 I officially had a heart attack

    1. ;-; me also

    2. Same asf

    3. Same I jumped and ran

  15. There’s alot of other spirits messing with MJ Talking

  16. My Heart melted when that guy said “do you miss ur children/Family?”


    Bruhhh!!! 😭😫
    I wish MJ is still alive :(((

    1. Me too

    2. 😭😭

    3. I wish MJ is still alive

    4. Taylor Anderson True. But sometimes it happens for a reason. {Idk what reason, lol}

    5. @Ava Bean dah cool wtf you mean boi


    1. litteraly Christmas? those i wish ppls who poisoned them will be in prison

    2. Lloyd Martelle Zaldua same here

    3. @Lloyd Martelle Zaldua u think he died of cardiac arrest

    4. @Lloyd Martelle Zaldua it’s june 25th.

    5. @aya styles Not anymore.

  18. Omar: “Michael are you here?”
    Ghost: *”HEE HEE”*

    1. Lollllll yesssss

  19. My heart was beating fast when he showed the children status like I freaked out OH GOD

    1. I just threw my phone away😨

  20. He isnt in his coffin because they didnt want his grave robbed so they cremated him and than dumped the ashes in his neverland ranch

    1. Liams Lexus build what

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