Michael Jackson – Will You Be There (Boyce Avenue acoustic/piano cover) on Apple & Spotify

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In my opinion, MJ was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, entertainer of all time. Whether it was dancing, singing, or writing many of his classic hits, he was a pioneer with a unique sound/style. One of the most difficult things to pull off as an artist is to have your own sound, and his was instantly recognizable! We have all been influenced by MJ, and his artistry will truly be missed. I'm proud to say that even when it wasn't "cool" to blast one of his songs out a car stereo, like we heard all throughout the city of New York the day he passed away, I have always been blaring his music. So, though we knew that any cover of his music would pale in comparison to the original, we were still compelled to give a shout out to our late great musical hero, by doing our rendition of one of our favorite songs of his, "Will You Be There." If you like this song or the video, please share it with the world through facebook, twitter, tumblr, iTunes, email, or however. 🙂 We appreciate it with all our hearts! ~Alejandro Manzano~

Produced & Directed by Daniel & Alejandro Manzano
All parts arranged by Alejandro Manzano
Audio Mixed & Mastered by Adam Barber & Alejandro & Daniel Manzano

Boyce Avenue

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