Michael Jackson – We’ve Had Enough (Audio)

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  1. This is the MOST underrated song in MJ’s discography. It’s a damn masterpiece.

    1. Love this

    2. i miss mj

    3. @Ciaraaaa lol true fans know the answers… XD

    4. How do u think I can sing ?

    5. Only mj cares about the world. His song really pass the country barrier. About poverty, children, pollution, pollitics.

  2. First there was Elvis….. Then came the massive beatles….. But MJ raised the bar far beyond anyone. No one will surpass mj.

    1. @Nikolos Yarde hold my coca cola better than pepsi cola ( pepsi is pure sugar &
      https://youtu.be/yaI9TvQqXgk she support mjj

    2. DrMonkeyBoyJr not true… he was a solo musician. He played all the instruments on his albums before he died he was performing with no band. Just him and piano. And his songs were very meaningful.

  3. The illegitimate child of ‘Who Is It’ and ‘Stranger in Moscow’.

    1. Ragaholic! you did a great job defending MJ from those disgusting allegations, love your videos

    2. I think they don’t care about us is more of a suitable parent

    3. Relevant today

    4. and They dont care about us

    5. @wiinsim THAT’S FUNNY! THANK YOU!

  4. mannn this song hit different

    1. Pls 🙏

  5. We’ve had enough from all those lies about MJ

    1. YASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

    2. yesss

    3. Thats true,such a good person with a GOLDEN heart !! Leave him rip !!!

    4. !!!!!!!

    5. True
      Michael Innocent

  6. amazing

  7. MJ warned us through Earth Song, but it wasn’t enough. I believe this is a sequel to that song, but a bit more harsh. Michael sang wholeheartedly what was really happening around the world. If you’re reading this, as of this posting January 2020, Australia is burning, Amazon burned too last year. The Middle East and the United States are in high tension. I believe this song, along with Earth Song is relevant more than ever. When will we wake up?

    1. Now we got the revenge, COVID-19, no airplanes are flying, no ships in the ocean, less cars, the air is cleaner, the water is cleaner, we had to learn the hard way. The human race was too greedy, too arrogant, now we have to humble down and appreciate little things again!

    2. united states and middle east were this year? man that seems like an age ago now

    3. @Gabriel Gillespie-Hewitt It still goes on in 2020:
      No ‘End Date’ for U.S. Troops in Syria, March 2020

      An MRAP is loaded onto a flatbed as the CJTF-OIR coalition transfers the K-1 Air Base to the Iraqi security forces, 21 March 2020
      On 9 March, the Pentagon released a statement claiming that two American Marines were killed during an anti-ISIS operation in a mountainous area of north central Iraq.
      Hezbollah: U.S. forces in Middle East to go home in coffins/2020

    4. The death of George Floyd sparked something terrible as well.

    5. This is similar to Earth song but with a different kind of message. This song sounds like it’s focusing more on innocent [black] people dying (referring to police brutality) so I think it correlates more with They Dont Care About Us than Earth song. Same powerful impact though.

  8. who love Michael? and who is listening in 2020

    1. Me I love him so much number one fan

    2. Me love him forever

    3. Me from India

  9. *_One of his best vocal performance ever. With aggressive too._*

    1. Not one of the best. The best

    2. @Jakob Ohne S It is almost spiritual, he’s singing from deep in his soul.

    3. It’s so emotional, I cry everytime I hear it 💜

  10. We’re innocently standing by, Watching people loose their lives………WE HAD ENOUGH #MichaelJackson …RIP GEORGE FLOYD

  11. This song is still relevant in today’s time 😭

  12. It’s sad how it relates to right now in 2020

    1. Another black man shot in back seven times by the police. This happen in Wisconsin.

  13. A relevant follow up to They Don’t Care About Us.

  14. Rest in peace, Georgy Floyd … Michael’s songs have proven to be valid everywhere and at all times, and they illustrate the pain of oppressed people.


    2. or you talking about how good he was???

  15. George Floyd had 2 daughters, the youngest just 6 years old. I’m crying at the situation and how accurate the lyrics apply. Praying for change. #ICantBreathe #GeorgeFloyd 💔

    “She innocently questioned why
    Why her father had to die
    She asked the men in blue
    How is it that you get to choose
    Who will live and who will die
    Did God say that you could decide?
    You saw he didn’t run
    And that my daddy had no gun”

    1. @the danniboy startronic pizzaworld 2003 exactly. The media is the reason for these riots happening, and for people painting George Floyd like a hero. He was a criminal who committed robberies, put weapons to pregnant women’s stomachs, and pistol whipped senior citizens.
      But you won’t hear that from the media, because that’s not what they want you to know.
      They want to paint George Floyd like an innocent victim, and not show the fact that he wasn’t cooperating with the police beforehand, and he was on a highly dose of meth and fentanyl.
      They want to show you him yelling that he couldn’t breathe while on the ground, but not the fact that he was yelling he couldn’t breathe the whole time. Even before he was on the ground. Have you seen the leaked footage of the arrest?

      It’s the same ol’ story.
      Person is guilty of committing a crime.
      Said person tries to act innocent and uncooperative with the police.
      The police then follow procedure once said person refuses to cooperate.
      Then said person gets painted as a ‘victim’, and the police get blamed for “brutality”.
      (Not stating that they should’ve kneeled on him for as long as they did, but that’s literally the only thing they did wrong.)
      It’s the same story, and the same “facts” spewed by the media to fit their narrative like usual.

    2. Be honest with yourself @Jada, where did I even imply that?
      I stated R.I.P. to the man, and stated a fact that everyone’s trying to pretend that he wasn’t a criminal himself.

      Could you stop reaching, please?

    3. @mjjFans forever are you one of those illuminati crap heads? Lol.

    4. @Lebowski 2020 Then why did you deem it necessary to even add that he was a criminal? You made it seem like we should think less of his death because he was a criminal. And I wrote this comment two months ago, why did you feel the need to reply now?

    5. @keena ks Same

  16. MJ is using every energy he has in this song

  17. 0:56 “She *innocently* questioned why, why her father had to die? She asked the men in blue, ‘how is it that you get to choose who will live and who will die? Did God say that you could decide?…”
    2:15 “He *innocently* questioned why, why his mother had to die? What did these soldiers come here for? If they’re for peace, why is there war?…”
    2:39 “We’re *INNOCENTLY* standing by, watching people lose their lives. It seems as if we have no voice. It’s time for us to make a choice…”

    1. @Diddy Doodat you need to wake up man, good luck

    2. You’re woke. But unfortunately I think he was murdered for exposing them

    3. @Alex W yes, you are right unfortunately, he was murdered

    4. He faked his death to get away

    5. @Tactical Mean You r absolutely right about that.

  18. This song has never been more relevant.

  19. She innocently questioned why
    Why her father had to die
    She asked the men in blue
    How is it that you get to choose
    Who will live and who will die
    Did God say that you you could decide ?
    RIP George Floyd, and any other soldiers down.
    they will hear it from us.

    1. @Святослав Соколов Yes. What’s said is that the left will look at this song and other of Michael’s racism songs a correlate them with BLM, when in reality this song was written in a totally different time, and what they don’t know is that MJ was a publicly identified Republican. It’s hilarious how many mj fans march for BLM in his name. If he was alive, he wouldn’t let it!

    2. The kid WAS my son that’s the worst logic ever

    3. @simon cutmore https://youtu.be/yaI9TvQqXgk she defend mjj

    4. @Святослав Соколов https://youtu.be/yaI9TvQqXgk

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