1. sure send me ur email

  2. mugen

  3. i dont remember just google mugen youll find it

  4. I’m just having a laugh 🙂 I agree with you Ozzy

  5. hahahah michael totally molested him XD

  6. His dancing IS the fighting! XD

  7. lawl good old mugen, i remember this game

  8. Lmao, i love how Michael Jackson just mainly spams kicks xD

  9. whether u liked it or hated tha vid thanks 4 viewing! lets make it 1,000,000 views!

  10. 0:43 waooo michael jackson defeated the “king of universe”

  11. OFC Michael is the winner !! ♥
    I love you Michael !! ♥

  12. 😀 frieza looks so smallXD i expected a bigger friezaXD

  13. 1:20 Teabagging? xD

  14. if u add sound ” YE-HEE~~” when MJ atk, that wold be awesome

  15. Frieza was Mewtwo in another life. Kame-hame-HA!

  16. The music!! (I LOVE YOU Michael Jackson!!)

  17. 1:17 EPIC TEABAG! XD

  18. 9 years and still a go to vid for me

  19. I miss these days back around 2010 when I first saw this video. I had so much time, interest and joy in video games. Glad this still on youtube to remind me of those days.

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