Michael Jackson – Thriller – Thriller

Michael – Thriller
An additional wonderful track by MJ!

[First Knowledgeable] Its near twelve o'clock at night,
Something wickedness lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight,
You see a sight that practically quits your heart
You aim to scream,
But fear take the noise before you make it
You begin to ice up,
As horror looks you ideal in between your eyes
Youre paralysed

[Carolers] Trigger this is thriller, thriller evening
And no person going to conserve you from the monster ready to strike
You recognize its thriller, thriller night
Youre fighting for your life, inside of
Deadly, thriller, tonight

[2nd Knowledgeable] You hear the door slam,
And recognize theres nowhere left to run
You really feel the chilly hand,
And also ask yourself if you ever see the sunlight
You close your eyes,
And hope that this is merely imagination, girl
However all the while, you listen to a creature creepin up behind
Youre out of time

[Carolers] Create this is thriller, thriller evening
There aint no second possibility to against the thing with the forty eyes, girl
Thriller, thriller night
Youre battling for your life, within killer, thriller, tonight

[Bridge:] Evening animals calling, the dead begin to stroll in their masquerade
[Discover much more Lyrics at www.mp3lyrics.org/Du] Theres no leaving the jaws of the invader this moment
( Theyre open wide).
This is completion of your life.

[3rd Verse] Theyre out to obtain you.
Theres devils surrounding every sight.
They will have you,.
Unless you alter that number on your dial.
Currently is the moment,.
For you and also I to cuddle close together, yeah.
All through the evening, Ill save you from the horror on the screen.
Ill make you see.

[Chorus] That this is thriller, thriller evening.
Trigger I can thrill you more than any kind of ghost would ever dare attempt.
Thriller, thriller evening.
So allow me hold you tight as well as share a.
Awesome, thriller, awesome, thriller, below tonite.

[Carolers] Create this is thriller, thriller evening.
Woman, I can thrill you greater than any type of ghost would ever before attempt try.
Thriller, thriller evening.
So let me hold you limited and also share a.
Killer, thriller-.

[Rap Carried out By Vincent Rate] Darkness drops throughout the land.
The twelve o'clock at night hr is around.
Animals creeping in search of blood.
To intimidate yours area.
And also whosoever shall be found.
Without the spirit for "coming down".
Have to stand and also encounter the canines of hell.
And rot inside a remains covering.
The foulest smell impends.
The funk of forty thousand years.
And grisly evil spirits from every tomb.
Are closing into secure your doom.
And though you battle to survive, your body begins to shiver.
For no plain mortal could withstand.
The wickedness of the thriller.
( Maniacal giggling).