Michael Jackson – Thriller – The Lady In My Life

Jackson – Thriller – The In Life
Yes, another awesome track.

[1st Verse]
There'll Be No Darkness Tonight
Our Love Will Shine
Just Put Your Trust In Heart
And Meet Me In Paradise, Girl
You're Every Wonder In This World To Me
A Treasure Time Won't Steal Away

So Listen To Heart
Lay Your Body Close To Mine
Let Me Fill You With Dreams
I Can Make You Feel Alright
And Baby Through The Years
Gonna Love You More Each Day
So I Promise You Tonight
That You'll Always Be The In Life

Lay Back In Tenderness
Let's Make This A Night We Won't Forget
Girl, I Need Your Sweet Caress
Reach Out To A Fantasy
Two Hearts In The Beat Of Ecstasy
Come To Me, Girl

And I Will Keep You Warm
Through The Shadows Of The Night
Let Me Touch You With My Love
I Can Make You Feel So Right
And Baby Through The Years
Even When We're Old And Gray
I Will Love You More Each Day
'Cause You Will Always Be The In My Life

Stay With Me
I Want You To Stay With Me…