Michael Jackson – The Secrets of a Legend

On June 25, 2009 the world was struck with the tragic & untimely of the biggest pop icon of our time. His left so many questions unanswered. Did he simply die a natural , or was he in fact murdered? What secrets were buried with the legend? This documentary reveals a side of unkknown to the public. Few fans had any knowledge that Jackson was investigated by STASI (the secret service of Eastern Germany) for political motives that will come to light in this riveting documentary. Evidence that he was very active in political circles is encapsulated here by public photos and footage with former US presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Princess Diana, the connection had to the secret service and top political figures, and how he was much more than "The " in those circles. This film delves deep into the man that was Jackson and uncovers the layers of truths behind the mysteries that the public was previously shielded from. was the true "". Yet following his tragic , many questions remain unanswered. This eye opening film, "The Secrets of a Legend" describes Jackson's life behind the scenes in great detail presenting a side of the pop icon the public has never known. is a true legend. However, like all icons that died tragically before him, he had many secrets. Only after death can these secrets be revealed.