Michael Jackson – The Secret to his Leaning/Gravity Defying Dance

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Michael Jackson surprised his fans with an unlimited stream of apparently difficult dance relocations.

And now the secret behind his renowned 45-degree lean in Smooth Wrongdoer has finally been revealed.

The pop legend can be seen leaning slowly forward in the video, and while he is thought to have used wires for the clip, the star wished to recreate the gravity-defying task reside on phase too.

And that's when his audience was left truly baffled, as he managed to lean to the substantial angle without a wire in sight.


  1. Idk y people make the title in English and speak something else and I hate it so much

    1. it’s Hindi it says that in club dances he uses wire to perform this act but in live performance he uses that special type of shoes there is no miracle in this step however no one can do it as smoothly as he can do

    2. Willy wikerson were chc

    3. My Febarit Dance

    4. Agar aap india se ho….
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    5. Me too

  2. tumhare kehne ka matlab hai ki Michael Jackson ka lean fake hai

    tum sab ko jab kisi cheez ka believe nahi hota toh tum log aisa hi karte ho

    wo ye sab bina kiye hi world ka pop star ban gaya

    isi liye aaj aapna India sabse piche hai

    aur jo dusre country ke hai wo log toh kuch nahi bole

    har cheez me kami india nikalta hai

    1. @TROX GAMINGshut up

    2. Not India but these media people

    3. Jise kuchh karna nahin aata wo dusro me kami khoob nikaal leta h bebekoofo wali bate

    4. @William Gaming yes sir

  3. Still his moves are the best.

  4. No one can Do.better.. This step like Michael Jackson he was a King of pop and the famous for his Incredible Dancing Moves .love u sir 😘😘😘

    1. Kanh

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    3. True

    4. Prabhu and hritik is better

      Bharat mata ki jai

  5. mj forever..whoa🤘🤘

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    3. Global language tag must come with some disadvantages.

    4. What’s your problem fucker

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  7. We love Michael Jackson and dancing awsomeone 😎

  8. He is g-d of music 🙏🏼. Nobody like him will be on this earth 😩. Love the man❤️❤️

  9. Michel jackson will always the KING OF HIPHOP

  10. HOw he Does it he has a nail and stabs his shoes in it

  11. Michael Jackson the king of pop no one can take his place he is the only one that can do this and the moon best superb no one can take his place

  12. We much love you

  13. We really miss Michael Jackson 😥😥and u will always be a superstar in our heart and whole world👉❤❤❤

  14. In my childhood, I thought MJ had special powers to do that.
    Now I realize he indeed had special powers to be loved by millions & millions.

    1. Baru

    2. phone karo phone karo

    3. Facebook mein Kyon karna chahie

    4. Yay i to think that

  15. In mj shoes have magnet? I think that

  16. My king of pop MJ so mis you

  17. Michael Jackson is very Genius and very talented 😍😍😍


  19. So you’re saying the amazing legend of a guy is a cheater?

    1. When did he said that? I don’t find anything in this video saying that or anything wrong. He was just saying the truth and at last he also said that nobody was able to do that step better than Michael Jackson.

  20. king of pop legend always legend

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