Michael Jackson – The Girl Is Mine (Audio)

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  1. his voice is so sweet

    1. Cute Angel….. Michael or Paul voice?

    2. Frankdash9 yes

  2. Michael❤ he is pure perfection😍❤ we love you king!!

    1. Laura *Jackson*!!

    2. So true

  3. that moment when it says
    “Michael Jackson uploaded a new video”

    1. @Suziyah Johnson oh

    2. @kim Seokjinnie 🤦🏾‍♂️ the damn audio was released in 2017 . Ten years after you was born .

    3. Angeleena rivera Michael didn’t even have a channel back then

    4. Iso Boii he did check the About part on the channel

  4. Michael Jackson! Michael! Michael forever!

  5. Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson = great duos !

    1. @Michael Jackson a potion guaranteed to give you unbelieve power 😉

    2. Paul is older then Michael

    3. @Bascorasco Then Paul said “The doggone songs are mine”!

  6. Never gets old!

    1. I love you girl my mine is going to I love you me we together she 😄😄😘😚😎😙😏💖💛👑📞💬📮📬📦📦

  7. There’ll never be another Michael Jackson.

    1. saif162 period

    2. Excatly right

    3. There is only one Michael, one John Lennon, one John Denver, and one Sam Cook.

  8. Michael Jackson + Paul McCartney + The Girl Is Mine = Amazing Duet and Amazing Song

  9. Michael Jackson was set up and he was not a pedophile and took pharmaceuticals for all the pain he was in and he will always be the most talented star to me. I really wish people would stop hating on this talented caring human being that no one understood, it is always lonely at the top. He did not have enough people in his life that could of protected him.

    1. He was in pain then he was addicted

    2. SlyStonedTuna there is proven letters that he sent too his cleaner for his cleaner too back him in court and when she did he sent her a slip with a 2000$ check In it

    3. Agreed sister of all Souls Good A God bless and God speed too u Amen.

    4. @Seal of Approval there’s proof everyone was lying

    5. Yea. People never understand him. My parents always thought he was strange but he is just unique. I dont think he would hurt anybody.

  10. “The Girl Is Mine”

    [1st Verse (Michael)]
    Every Night She Walks Right In My Dreams
    Since I Met Her From The Start
    I’m So Proud I Am The Only One
    Who Is Special In Her Heart

    The Girl Is Mine
    The Doggone Girl Is Mine
    I Know She’s Mine
    Because The Doggone Girl Is Mine

    [2nd Verse (Paul)]
    I Don’t Understand The Way You Think
    Saying That She’s Yours Not Mine
    Sending Roses And Your Silly Dreams
    Really Just A Waste Of Time

    Because She’s Mine
    The Doggone Girl Is Mine
    Don’t Waste Your Time
    Because The Doggone Girl Is Mine

    [Bridge (Paul)]
    I Love You More Than He
    (Take You Anywhere)

    But I Love You Endlessly
    (Loving We Will Share)

    [Michael & Paul]
    So Come And Go With Me
    To One Town

    But We Both Cannot Have Her
    So It’s One Or The Other
    And One Day You’ll Discover
    That She’s My Girl Forever And Ever

    [3rd Verse (Paul)]
    I Don’t Build Your Hopes To Be Let Down
    ‘Cause I Really Feel It’s Time

    I Know She’ll Tell You I’m The One For Her
    ‘Cause She Said I Blow Her Mind
    Chorus (Michael)
    The Girl Is Mine
    The Doggone Girl Is Mine
    Don’t Waste Your Time
    Because The Doggone Girl Is Mine

    [Michael & Paul]
    She’s Mine, She’s Mine
    No, No, No, She’s Mine
    The Girl Is Mine, The Girl Is Mine
    The Girl Is Mine, The Girl Is Mine

    The Girl Is Mine, (Yep) She’s Mine
    The Girl Is Mine, (Yep) She’s Mine

    Don’t Waste Your Time
    Because The Doggone Girl Is Mine
    The Girl Is Mine, The Girl Is Mine

    Michael, We’re Not Going To Fight About This, Okay

    Paul, I Think I Told You, I’m A Lover Not A Fighter

    I’ve Heard It All Before, Michael
    She Told Me That I’m Her Forever Lover, You Know, Don’t You Remember

    Well, After Loving Me, She Said She Couldn’t Love Another

    Is That What She Said

    Yes, She Said It, You Keep Dreaming

    I Don’t Believe It

    [Michael & Paul]
    The Girl Is Mine (Mine, Mine, Mine)

    1. Thank you!

    2. That girl is lucky!! Haha got MJ and Paul fighting over her!!

    3. 🙏💖

    4. Is this were Brandy an Monica got this from They did “The Boy is Mine”

    5. @LOVE, Lyzza Ha ha.she is the luckiest girl ever.

  11. This is probably the most polite way to fight over a girl lol

  12. everyone’s talking about Michael but no one is mentioning how perfect Paul sounds

    1. Michael Jackson arrasou.

    2. Never heard this I think I did along time ago but excuse me for asking but is that theee Paul from beetles???

    3. Paul sounds perfect but Michael wins the hearts❤

    4. Paul sounds PERFECTLY AMAZING


    1. Quentin S-C gospel

  14. If this song was made in 2019:

    Paul: 🎶Oh shes mine🎶

    Michael: 🎶The girl is mine🎶

    Her: omg im an independent woman and dont belong to anyone, im not your property you misogyn-

    Me: ffs

    1. that’s what I was saying these feminist would get mad

    2. Some, if he said to me I would feel flattered

  15. Be honest…

    Every single one of us chose Michael

    1. Not me. But I guess I’m the doggone boy. The A1 got me

  16. He is not the king of pop

    He is the king of MUSIC

    1. @Ponz Until Michael can compose like Bach, he is not the king.

    2. @Plasmariel Michael can compose better than Bach can, I think the Thriller album staying at number one for weeks and holding the title of the most sold album worldwide can prove that

    3. @Ponz I listened to it and yeah, it’s great for pop, the track Thriller especially, even if it wasn’t composed only by MJ on his own, but please do not compare both, Bach is a musical genius, I mean, how can… someone… even think that… I can’t… You just cannot. You CANNOT. Bach stayed popular during more than 300 years. I love MJ, but even then, it’s just not comparable, the harmonics, the blend of many instruments, the fact that he basically composed his stuff in several hours and had to buy expensive paper to write everything without one mistake…

    4. Fuckkk yesss!!! ❤

  17. Greatest Musicians Ever:

    Paul McCartney
    Michael Jackson
    Freddie Mercury

    In no particular order.

    1. You forgot Stevie Wonder!

  18. Fun fact: Michael wrote this song while watching cartoons.

    1. Victor Hernandez but how ?😂

    2. What cartoon????

    3. How did you know that?

    4. 뇸뇸
      I don’t know.

    5. 뇸뇸
      I read it in an old Disney magazine a long time ago. It wasn’t specific on which cartoons he watched.

  19. It’s pretty incredible that the most influential pop star met the most influential rock star and made 3 incredible songs together! What a world we live In

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