Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland: Dancing to Billie Jean | Lifetime

Take dance lessons with Navi and discover how to do the famous "leg flick" from the Billie Jean music video.
" Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland" premieres Monday, May 29th at 8/7c. #LifetimeMovies
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  1. Why is he getting a lot of hate? I think Navi does a pretty good job as a dancer and as an MJ impersonator. And I thought he was amazing in Searching for Neverland.

    1. @WeRightNow how do you know?
      Your not even there

    2. @MikTRDG he or she brainless like the others …

    3. AO98 look I don’t have a problem with his dancing but I don’t get it when people go under the knife to look like him that’s the only part I truly think is Stupid

    4. This is dance? Are you joking😄

  2. Of course he can’t do it better then MJ. Hes the impersonator not the REAL MJ. Ppl erk me with the “MJ did it better, he sucked”… comments like shut up.

    1. Averyahna Those Chinese always making knock offs.

    2. Averyahna you shut up

    3. He is very good…lokks just like MJ

    4. 🤔🤣😂

    5. The best cover is Rodrigo Teaser from Brazil.

  3. he is really gud he makes me feel like micheal jackson is alive

    1. Hnn kutte wala mask lagayegi toh aisa hi hoga na

  4. What is the name of the background song??

    1. size matters

    2. Is there song of background?


  6. excellent..

  7. *_Michael did it in Rock with you, so it’s the rock with you flick_*

  8. Michael was a legend🙏💔

    1. Ofcourse legenDs are born anD teach us how to create a new lessons…. Michael Jackson one of them anD this century we have a legenD from INDIA He is BaBa Jackson…. Let’s watch him a look like Jackson come back….

    2. He is the legend

    3. @Hitesh Swami a legend king of pop 💕💕👑✌🎤😉

    4. @Rebecca Teece yes you are right

    5. @Hitesh Swami 🤩✌❤👍okay thanks.

  9. When i saw him First few secs thought Michael is alive

    1. @Gaurav Jha thanks bro didnt notice that.. I typed too fast, it happens sometimes 👍

    2. @Sunshine Joon 😀 yeah i know 🙁

    3. @Danny Boy good keep finding errors.. You doing job 👍😂

    4. @Carbone Zebra sure 👍

    5. Same. Me too. 😄

  10. I love Micheal voice… No replacement to his voice 😢😢😢

  11. Who is here after Tik-Tok MJ dancer BABAJACKSON2020 went viral ?

    1. Yuvraj Singh from Rajasthan check it on tik tok and Twitter

    2. Why do kids beg for likes with stupid comments like that?
      It’s the same as “did anyone come here from x?” or “is anyone watching in ?”, it’s just begging, it’s pathetic.

    3. @Puro ok agreeed thanks

    4. Yarr aise log mujhe bilkul pasand nehi hai. Jo iske baad wuske baad aate hai. Remember one thing that real fans hamesha saath rehte hai

    5. Good vido

  12. No one can catch the grace like him!!! I really miss him very much!!! 😭😭
    Who agrees?

    1. @madhur jadhav hey bro

    2. Hmmmm Oooooo

    3. Baba Jackson Is now in India He is Son of Michael Jackson

    4. yes you are right

  13. Am I alone here who hot into video be seeing the thumbnail of video which seemed like real Jackson buy video was uploaded just 3 years ago

  14. Mj also my god really I love him since childhood

  15. Me watching at my legs after this
    My leg: don’t even think about it

  16. You not dence good Rodrigo teaser king of cover 🇧🇷 in the whord

  17. He was ,he is and he will be a legend

  18. Me: Seems easy..
    My legs: No

  19. He’s more than a legend forever. How’s gonna agree this like it

  20. Michael Jackson is ever green legend

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