Michael Jackson – Loving You (Audio)

"Caring You" by Michael Jackson
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It appears you don't know, we reached the greater mountain
Each time I seem to vanish
And together we will fly, we'll dance up in the heavens
I can actually feel it when you're near, ooh

#MichaelJackson #LovingYou #XSCAPE


  1. Michael in heaven: imma drop this real quick

    Edit: For all the people in the comments saying this has been out for years I’m aware of that. I just made a joke. This was just recently posted to YouTube that’s why I made the joke so chill and for all the people saying he isn’t innocent do 5 minutes of research and you’ll find the truth. He is innocent. So take your ignorant self somewhere else

    1. AyCharlie O yes exactly

    2. leo jeb cause he looks good either way

    3. Farina

    4. Michael Jackson -Billie Jean ( Lost Angels Remix …) Rare Mixhttps://youtu.be/OER6b-e6fxA

  2. ¿En el cielo hay internet?

    1. No perro sigue vivo o estamos viendo la alma de Michael jackson

    2. perdon bueno qreo que es el alma

    3. Michael Jackson -Billie Jean ( Lost Angels Remix …) Rare Mixhttps://youtu.be/OER6b-e6fxA


    1. @oscar GG son descartes de los discos Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, etc. Estos se hicieron antes de su muerte en los 80′ o 90′, por ello ahora salen a la luz y los publican como álbumes nuevos.

    2. @Ginger Apolinario Peñafiel ah si cojones es verdad

    3. emm parece que no sabes nada de Michael Jackson el tiene familiares y tambien puede ser que su hermana o uno de sus hijos saco este album piensa y saca logica XD

    4. oscar GG jaja buena respuesta pero tienes razón 🧐🤔

    5. Estos no sabe que son cansiones de antes que lo están sacando ahora para ganar plata ignorantes que brutalidad el dinero lo mueve todo aterrizen estamos en tierra más no en Marte jajajajajajaaj💸💸💸

      No se ofenda sólo digo la verdad

  4. If you’re listening to this song during Corona you’re cool

    1. @Christopher Brooks okay

    2. @Christopher Brooks Thank you so much for being kind

    3. Tan Le Star Wars Woman,Coruscant Jedi Tan 🐣

    4. This song is helping me get through quarantine

    5. thank you

  5. Miss him so much, MJ was from another planet. So one can replace him in my life. 😪

  6. *This song is masterpiece*
    *Do you agree with me*

    1. daily in E.T.F That’s so true!

    2. @Susi Strolch this day is very special day for music

    3. @Susi Strolch 29 August 1958

    4. Yesss 🥰🤩

    5. #Meezy Murders 16 Bars….https://youtu.be/WSGYokngAws..

  7. Michael Jackson in heaven: I am dead but I still got cash tho

    1. @Cess maeyi I think the one inherited who the Michael Jackson estate. His brothers or Janet.

    2. @Xx 13 He owned half of Sony’s music publishing and many more artist’s catalogue like Beatles, Elvis etc which was worth millions of dollars back then… Now it’s worth is billions…
      That’s why Sony were actively trying to assassinate him and they chose to abstain from defending him during the 2005 trial…
      Michael was not broke

    3. @Xx 13 but I get wat u r saying they tried to drain his money….
      But still he had the catalogues..

    4. @Jbird how do you know there is a heaven?

    5. Michael Jackson -Billie Jean ( Lost Angels Remix …) Rare Mixhttps://youtu.be/OER6b-e6fxA

  8. Legends never die. They live in our heart never forget him.


    1. Его не хватает, я даже не представляю, какие концерты мы могли бы ещё увидеть в его исполнении

    2. @Valeria Sedneva sorry sir, can u speak english plz?

    3. @NOOB CHOW Yes, you want me to translate it into English

    4. 1958- forever

    5. I agree



    2. @darianna romero 🙁

    3. @NO AL MALTRATO ANIMAL oye ahora 😂

    4. @darianna romero oye ahora que

    5. Michael Jackson -Billie Jean ( Lost Angels Remix …) Rare Mixhttps://youtu.be/OER6b-e6fxA

  10. Michael’s death really shaken me because I adored him.

    1. I really love Michael Very much even after 11years of his death…But legends never die…Ther are immortal…Michael Jackson Forever❤❤❤

    2. Rosangela Zerbone he was a predator. Proven fact

  11. *For How many years will Michael Be the King Of Pop.*
    1 like = 100 years

    1. Michael being KING OF POP for millenial

    2. @tommy m but there literally asking for likes

    3. using a dead pop star for likes

    4. Waaait, that’s not how that works

    5. Michael Jackson -Billie Jean ( Lost Angels Remix …) Rare Mixhttps://youtu.be/OER6b-e6fxA

  12. “The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work,”💆‍♂️

    1. Truly you are right

    2. indeed wise.

  13. If he was alive he would make a music vid

    1. He filmed extras when he was alive

    2. Michael Jackson I will tell you that I love you so much

    3. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    4. Michael Jackson -Billie Jean ( Lost Angels Remix …) Rare Mixhttps://youtu.be/OER6b-e6fxA

  14. true fans never left, where are you?

    1. that’s the same spelling as my name lol

    2. Here

    3. right here baby 10+ years

    4. Michael Jackson -Billie Jean ( Lost Angels Remix …) Rare Mixhttps://youtu.be/OER6b-e6fxA

  15. Michael Jackson Michael Jackson

  16. Imagine this masterpiece was created by MJ almost a couple of decade ago.

    1. This song is from the 80s lol

    2. @SuperSmashMaster43 WHAT NO WAYYYY


    1. @Junior Turner Shut up. Respect all artists 👑

    2. @Dylan Cook respect

    3. @BANG PINK Alright but stay on your own videos. This is Michael Jackson. 🤦‍♂️

    4. @Junior Turner Everybody can comment whatever they want, and sadly you can’t change that, I think it’s ridiculous that BTS is being brought up in this tbh, but that doesn’t mean it’s BTS’s fault, yk what I mean?

  18. Amooo army

  19. ARMY presente

    1. You ‘re cool bts fan and jackson lover ( i love jackson )

    2. Yess👏👏Michael Jackson is the best👌❤

    3. 💜💜✨

  20. M: Michael was The King Of Pop and always will be! ♡
    I: I and all fans of Michael miss him. He is… ♡
    C: Caring and Kind loves his fans forever. ♡
    A: Awesome at his live stage shows. ♡
    E: Everyone loves him and will always will… ♡
    L: Love him because he is… THE KING OF POP! ♡

    This spells Michael
    We all miss you Michael Jackson ❤🧡💛💙💜💝💕

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