Michael Jackson – Live In Bucharest (The Dangerous Tour)

Michael Jackson – Live In Bucharest (The Dangerous Trip).
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Watch Michael Jackson's first leg on his Dangerous World Tour (October 1, 1992) at the Bucharest National Stadium, with a sold-out presence of 90,000.

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  1. The most talented pop music icon that ever existed!

    1. @Anna also he donated over 500 million dollars in charities


    3. Of course He is n He always has been n always will be no matter what

    4. @Marat Nahimana



    5. @Layla Jayde Micheal is Inocent proven befefore hios death a coo;l dudu indeed ZZ+Z

  2. Please don’t delete this

    1. @Abraham Golter you should .

    2. Azza ‘ you can’t download it

    3. Azza ‘ it’s a music video trying to earn money 💴

    4. Great MJ is innocent, of couse You believe it.,do not You? The Star of Poor Cats’s Great MJ is innocent.

    5. @Abraham Golter Better shut up, piece of abortion

  3. Only Michael jackson can begin his concert by standing freaking still for 2 minutes straight 😃

    1. and getting everyone insane

    2. I am seeing

    3. George Michael started his concert in Faith tour 1987 in the same manner. Nothing new about this. Btw George also sang live while dancing at Faith tour.

    4. Its badass tho

  4. September 2020? Anyone?

    1. Me yessss! Stil watching him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭my love my heart the best ever one of the favorites of God Michael Jackson 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💗💗💗💗💗💗❤️❤️😍😍

    2. September 12. 2020..Hello from Serbia


  6. Michael: literally stands still


    1. Like we wouldn’t be doing the same 😂😂😂😂

    2. @Week of Gaming have you not heard of The Beatles?

    3. @Eduard A i think he owns them right?! Lmao

    4. @Prophet S. Williams Nope. He doesn’t. Lmao

    5. Michael: *pops out of the floor*

      Crowd: *passing out all over the place*

  7. No one is more global than Michael Jackson, you are undoubtedly world’s most famous living human being.
    (Guinness book of world records head said in 2006)

    1. Facts ❤️❤️

    2. There’s still Jesus and he’s definitly more famous but his existence is still not proven, soo yeah it depends on if you count him or not

  8. I feel very sorry for the people who passed out during this event and literally missed the Best Concert of the Best Artist in History.

    1. @Rafael Dasigni she defend mjj

    2. @Firstspiros pavlou dont be a idiot.

    3. Trueeeeeeeeee

    4. You never saw Elvis did you. He was the absolute KING!!

  9. 62 years ago today, a king was born.
    happy birthday michael, thank you for inspiring me and so many others.
    we love you !!!!

  10. Security were busier than Michael that night

  11. who is addicted to michael jackson

  12. 2:20 : Jam
    8:58 : Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
    15:17 : Human Nature
    20:52 : Smooth Criminal
    29:10 : I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
    33:25 : She’s Out of My Life (incredible moment)
    38:40 (Medley The Jackson 5) : I Want You Back – The Love You Save – I’ll Be There
    45:35: Thriller
    51:38 : Billie Jean
    1:03:10: Workin’ Day and Night
    1:13:10: Beat It
    1:23:55 : Will You Be There
    1:30:34: Black Or White
    1:37:04: Heal The World
    1:46:23: Man In the Mirror

    1. Eddie Ramirez alright thanks bro 🙏🏾🤝

    2. Thanks for song list

    3. @Kasuba Kapambwe it’s the instrumental interlude of the song “Someone Put Your Hand Out”. You should listen to it, it’s very beautiful song

    4. 감사합니다
      Thank you~^^

  13. This concert cured my depression.

    1. Very correct

  14. MJ: stands there doing absolutely nothing for 2 minutes.
    *half the crowd goes crazy
    MJ: turns his head
    *other half lose their minds lmao

    1. @Luis Gomez lol yeah

    2. you dont get it, this was about 3 years after the revolution in romania this was mj after all=))

  15. This man turned his head and people started crying. NOBODY will ever have this much sauce ever again.

    1. That’s what I said too! No celebrity alive today can ever be compared to Michael Jackson ❤️

  16. Esto debería estar en HBO, Netflix, Prime…

    1. com certeza.

    2. Exacto

  17. There will NEVER be another. Others may have aimed for this kind of adoration as an entertainer, but will never be duplicated.

  18. We never left so stop sayin 😤😤

    “Anyone 2020? “ 😤😬

    Anyways RIP TO THE GOAT 🐐🕊

    1. I got confused with the goat thing, but after half a millisecond I realized thTcyou meant the greatest of all time . Happy birthday michael ily!!!!!!

    2. I 2020

    3. Andreea Grigore lmao 🤣

  19. I’m almost 64 years old…watched the Jackson 5 in the 70’s. My Son who is turning 40 this year, loved to watch MJ , and practiced the “Moon Walk” all the time. Wish I could have taken him to see him, before his untimely death. I have Never… seen Talent that compares to this Man. I still, to this day… Can’t… Not… Dance… when I hear his music. What a Showman he was. May he RIP.

    1. I was born the year this concert happened, I am honored to simply exist on the same timeline of his life. There will never be any person more talented than Michael Jackson, his life is a true miracle and gift from God I truly believe that and as humble and sweet as he was, makes him even better than all of these Hollywood trash today. Michael is still alive in our hearts ❤️

  20. 2020❤

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