Michael Jackson – Live At Wembley (July 16, 1988)

– Live At (July 16, 1988).
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This specific concert took place on July 16, 1988, at Stadium in , London, to a sold-out crowd of 72,000, that included Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles, Prince of Wales.

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  1. No ads, no copyrights, just the whole show

    You guys and MJ are immortal

    1. @Yousra Khalid Why, thank you dear stranger.

    2. Mozilla FireFox 1977 mj channel won’t ban me

    3. Illustraful I hope you get a life and find your humanity.
      Hate wats you up. You are just hurting yourself

    4. @Illustraful, Thats not true! Have you listened to his song’s? He just wanted a better world! The man already had hard life, why would you say that to him?

  2. Queen and Michael Jackson

    Both performed at Wembley

    Whose performance is better?

    MJ fans: like
    Queen fans : comment

    1. @Alieu Cham they are are a rock band popular in the 70s and 80s and tragically end in the early 90s

    2. well live aid Queen is regarded the best ever show staged period so that says it all !!

    3. @Nina Maria so was Queen Live aid For The Biggest Donation Given During There Live Set..

    4. I love both. Grew up with both. Queen are my fav band of all time but I do not consider their Wembley gig their best ever live show and it doesn’t compare to this MJ that the late John Peel said was the best concert he ever attended. I vote for Mj

    5. @Matthew Stanhope live aid Queen out does this show all the way!!

  3. Nothing better than watching the concerts in Wembley and Bucharest in this quarantine.

    1. @Frank the Robot why?

    2. Rafael Alves Lip syncing, slow dancing, and the poor all around shows. Munich being the worst one and possibly MJ’s worst show ever other than the msg 2001 shows.

    3. Awesome Kid I don’t think this Chanel will upload anymore because this is actually Michael Jackson’s
      Chanel he sadly died so it won’t upload but Rest In Peace MJ we all miss you 😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    4. @Diegão foi sim. 🔥

  4. if you are listening this in 2020, you are a true MJ fan! 🕺👑🎤🏅🎸

    1. @Veronica Parry https://youtu.be/e2rQ1K0l4BU share this video

    2. @Itz Emily Shoto viktor guitterez was a liar from 80 ‘s

  5. Nobody, nobody, nobody, and I cannot stress this enough NOBODY compares to the greatest entertainer ever – Michael Jackson.

    1. wolf blitzer you call MJ a freak show but Freddy Mercury died cause he was a sex freak having it off with anything with legs so who really is the freak show? MJ died cause he was literally being anesthetized to sleep so he could perform a 50 show concert for the fans

    2. @wolf blitzer He didn’t have a obsession with kids he just wanted to see them happy because he didn’t have a childhood please stop believing the media please. Freddie died because he had a obsession with sex and drugs he literally had sex with anything that had 2 legs lol michael jackson was murdered by his doctor.

    3. @TheGameHen 86 Michael was better than him pls stfu

    4. I justed reported his comment and it was taken down, RIP Michael Jackson

    5. wolf blitzer Michael Jackson was bullied and abused as a child by his father, suffered from vitilago, lupus and had his head practically burned off and he was laughed at, called wacko jacko and a freak, AND called a paedophile and accused over a 15 year period with no actual evidence, under FBI surveillance and was tried an acquitted in a court of law of everything, how much can one man take? He had every right to be livid and hateful to the whole world for what they accused him of and how he was treated but he always took the graceful higher ground. Its that characteristic along with his out of this world talent and genius, why we all LOVE him RIP MJ.

  6. I know someone already put it i just copied this so i don’t have to look for the comment every time
    3:10 1 – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
    8:22 2 – This Place Hotel (aka Heartbreak Hotel)
    13:19 3 – Another Part of Me
    17:27 4 – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
    22:25 5 – She’s Out of My Life
    26:17 6 – The Jackson 5 Medley:
    I Want You Back / The Love You Save / I’ll Be There
    33:40 7 – Rock With You
    37:58 8 – Human Nature
    43:10 9 – Smooth Criminal
    50:06 10 – Dirty Diana
    56:50 11 – Thriller
    Bad Groove
    1:15:30 12 – Workin’ Day and Night
    1:23:25 13 – Beat It
    1:30:11 14 – Billie Jean
    1:39:10 15 – Bad
    1:49:05 16 – Man in the Mirror
    1:58:20 17 – The Way You Make Me Feel
    (15th of July 1988 Concert)
    2:04:40 18 – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
    (Yokohama 1987)
    2:10:48 19 – Bad (Yokohama 1987)

    1. @Starflower dirty diana is from Rome 1988

    2. @Talia Said So It was bonus performances for the Bad 25 deluxe package.

    3. Thank you so much 😍😍

    4. Thank you verry much:)

    5. Rare July 15

  7. Please remaster this concert, the fans need it in HD, the world needs this concert in High Definition !!! Please !!! #MJBadTourHD

    1. I worked on the sound team and I can confirm he sang Evey song live. Truly amazing.

    2. @UK USA BOXING Live Surely the way you make me feel is lip synced, don’t blame him after two hours of singing

    3. j 123 Smooth Criminal was lip synced, along with a majority of Man In The Mirror. TWYMMF wasn’t lip synced. They just dubbed it over on the DVD.

  8. Michael Jackson is helping energize me and keep me positive thru this emergency

    1. He is my INSPIRATION , Hero & Favourite Human.

    2. @Anand Singh mmmm

    3. Amen to that.everytime we go in road trip we always play his CD.my husband download all his 🎶 music.

    4. I suffer with depression and I kid you not if it wasn’t for Michael’s music and the hope it gives me I wouldn’t be here. Michael has saved a life 🥰

  9. He’s dancing and singing and holding the mic and NEVER EVER MISSES A BEAT ON POINT EVERY SINGLE MOVEMENT…. THE GOAT

    1. please tell me what GOAT means ?

    2. Denise Duffey

    3. @The collector he did sing smooth criminal live fully once. No good footage but there’s a half decent audio out there. Very good

    4. Hot Frog Animations
      Yes, I think he always sang it live during the American branch of the bad tour.

    5. It was amazing to watch him become _this_ MJ.
      But he was always on this level to me. *Forever, Michael*

  10. Prime time motherfuckin beast Michael Jackson. It can’t get any better than this. He devours the stage like a monster. I love the ”2 times” he gives at 16:47

  11. He’s the best performer in the entire world, you can see how excited and happy he is when he’s performing. That’s pure magic.

    1. no that would be freddy mercury:)

    2. Marie Allie both incredibly talented, Michael danced and sung beautifully, Freddie such a unique voice and charisma, both legends and they were best friends

    3. @Por Ter for sure. I just thought Freddie was a bit better live his voice is more powerful but Michael is incredible as well (more dancing)

    4. Marie Allie yup, both will not be forgotten for how talented they were

    5. @Por Ter yes indeed! I’ve been watching alot of shows he did and how kind and soft spoken he was even when people would rush the stage to hug him he would hug them back . Such an amazing person.

  12. Princess Diana was in the audience, watching enjoying the concert and dancing. While her husband Prince Charles was just sitting 😂

    1. Cee Z she never had a love affair with michael. they were just very good friends

    2. @《Drift The hedgehog》 who told you that he is not Muslim he just hide it for the illuminati so they not kill him 👍

    3. @Anand Singh kewiww kddekw euwiwow iewiw

    4. Ekwiwi kewkwiw euwiwow uewiwi idwow uewi de kwwiw ekwiwi ideiei eiwowowo ieeiei dkeiwi wwiwiw

    5. @Anthony Campbell iwww ww kewiww eiwi dkso

  13. Best performance in a show this world has ever seen. Absolute master. His songs were a 100 and his performing skills were a 100. No one will ever come close to what he was.

    1. The greatest performer to ever live 😢

    2. Totally agreed, this is, and he is a masterpiece that happens once in a lifetime of humanity😭😍♥️

    3. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯mj is the greatest man who ever walked 💋

    4. I know who can beat Michael Jackson (it is Michael Jackson)

    5. @Viels plays 😉

  14. My uncle was there. He said the amount of people who fainted when Michael appeared on stage was unbelievable. People were dropping like domino’s left right and centre.

    1. I can confirm your comment. I worked on the sound team, not only did he sing every single word live but women passed out left right and centre. I worked at Wembley all my life and this was the best performance me and my team ever witnessed. The man was a pleasure to be around 😉

    2. I know I was kinda like ok

    3. Ashley.x let me correct the king of hip hop

    4. @Travis Campbell 👌

    5. I don’t believe you

  15. Its amazing so many people come here daily..
    anyone 2020

    1. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    2. Shamon he he he.

  16. This is how many people want michael back!!

    1. Yea I started crying at Anotjer part of me 🤣🤣😑

    2. Steamyhotlatin what you mean?

    3. Why do you ask the kids he molested if they want him back

  17. Thank you Michael for making the world better when you were alive. Everyone still misses you

    1. He was always better, the best and exceptional until he is gone.
      There is NO “you were”

  18. Michael Jacksons Bad World Tour started in September 1987 and ended in January 1989. While fans have seen some concerts from the first stage in 1987, they have only seen short snippets of high-quality U-Matic tape or footage from the second. and third stage. of the tour. More than three decades later, the world is still waiting to see a proper HD release from Bad Tour 1988/89. A Tour that broke world records. We Michael Jackson fans believe it is time for such a release to happen. Not only for our enjoyment but also for the LEGACY of the king of pop. The Bad Tour showed Michael Jackson in his prime and the world needs to see this.

    People on the film crew have revealed that several shows were shot on film. Those contain at least two shows from London (Wembley), Paris, Lausanne, Liverpool and Minneapolis. Los Angeles (January 27, 1989) is known to be available at least on u-matic tape in very good condition, if not even on film.

    It was revealed that in 1988 the team members even cut and completely edited an entire show (16 and 35mm film) from one of the Wembley shows in London.

    It is also known that not all programs were recorded in multitrack audio. Fans wouldn’t mind having an HD release with a soundboard / front-of-house audio mix. In addition to the HD release, a separate Live CD from another show could also be released to show the magic of the bad tour in HD audio. Members of the film crew at the time also revealed that various shows had multiple tracks on a sound truck. Examples mentioned are: Wembley July 16-15, New York, Kansas, Los Angeles (1989).

    We, the Michael Jackson fan community, kindly ask you to finally give us a proper HD release of Michael Jacksons Bad World Tour 1988/89.

    What would it be like to see an MJ-Concert from that time in HD?

    1. HD? I want 4K 💥

  19. I really want people to understand fully that this man is not the person to be compared with in any shape or form. He’s in a league where no celebrity whatsoever will ever reach ( since sadly these days people aren’t looking at talent anymore)

    1. Now we have disgusting filth

    2. Look up Dirty Loops,Vulfpeck,Louis Cole,Jacob Collier. It’s impossible to say that nobody looks for talent anymore.

    3. So true man

  20. The only guy who can get the whole crowd to sing without yelling

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