Michael Jackson ft 2Pac – illuminati Don’t Care About Us ▽ (with Lyrics) HD 2012


We have a video for "REAL" fans. You have to know what he stood for to truly understand this video .

Versatility and truth, this is what MJ and used to evade and plot against the elites and the . Study them and learn the truth for yourself.

I will no longer be providing links for my videos. The reason is most file sharing sites are being taking over by government action. More and more of these websites are disabling/banning accounts that have alleged copyright infringements. I was recently banned from "4shared(dot)com". I do not need these sites to obtain what I want ('s or videos) and neither should you. If you want to learn how to extract a video or audio from a YouTube video, Google that shit. I am sure you will figure it out.

Stay True

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