Michael Jackson Death Photo Showed in Court, Slurred Speech Apparent in Audio

Picture of singer's dead body, slurred speech stuns court at Conrad Murray trial.

For more on this story, click here: https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/cast-characters-conrad-murray-trial/story?id=14616983


  1. He killed Michael Jackson . I will never believe he is innocent .

    1. Yeah I believe that he successfully got away with executing Jackson as well. Glad he is still okay that Doctor.

    2. Jocelyne Aldana I thought he passed away….

    3. Hey remember that saying where people in their 20s die because they were a legend well Michael Jackson is the ultimate Legend cuz he died in his 50s

    4. @Jack Murray he was not a drug addict you were because you killed a 50 year old Popstar because you hate him

    5. @Dylan Byers He didn’t do it on purpose. Dude was just negligent. People need to stop thinking killed means intentional homicide.

  2. Is anyone here in 2019 RIP Michael Jackson

    1. Friends Gamer damn

    2. F*** Michael Jackson and f*** you

    3. elmerdane and f**k you too

    4. No. 2048!

  3. Weird that the day before he died when he was rehearsing, he looked fine and not addicted at all so I really do believe he was murdered.

    1. Toni Sumblin For real. Idiots do this everytime an actor or musicians dies.

    2. Nah b he was addicted to painkillers. Now, conrad murray should’ve never prescribed these drugs to him, but he had an opioid addiction

    3. acydic. Yeah.. I know he was. And i’m not saying he wasn’t. The only thing I said is that he LOOKED okay and not addicted it is just hard to believe he wasn’t doing good at all because he was in quite good health (from what i’ve seen, it probably wasn’t the case) and Michael said many times “they’re gonna kill me” so that is mainly the reason why I believe there was more going on than just an overdose..

    4. @Ashley van Buuren oh

    5. @Serious He looked tired he was 50 years old…

  4. So sad.
    You just wanna cry when you listen to him talk, he was so alone and in so much pain. Still just wanting to share love, be good. I wish he had not been sad. I wish he had got more love and more happiness, and he hadn’t been so lonely. He deserved more love.
    He did.

    1. @blufaceJaeda humility and grace. Knew it. You make me proud to be your brother God bless you. Now we are showing our strength. Love one another, we we’re given explicit instructions. It doesn’t take much

    2. @elmerdane so you love the MJs Death. People like you don’t deserve to be a people like MJs Follower.

    3. @Darshan raj I agree completely you absolute 💎 give us a kissy😗

    4. @elmerdane As you are saying the reality, there is a people who loves their talent upto sharing it to his loved one. And MJ loved his profession he liked to show it to everyone that those who loves his talents. So it is worth to feel sad for MJs death, as we loved his pop dance. He’s(MJ) worth to have people who feels for him as a fan.

    5. Karma gave him only a small fraction of what he deserved.

  5. He knew they gonna kill him. Hence why the tour was called “this is it”

    1. Min Yoongi tell me about it people lost their mind these days sometimes I’m like this to people when they say “He’s guiltily” me: 😒

    2. Tarun N Ashok … 😧😮😬 oof

    3. xSpeakMexicanx um 😐 I don’t know let me check *checks evidence* oh what’s that HE’S INNOCENT 😇

    4. djaedin djaedin stop your making my heart melt 💜

    5. Abdulazeez Alobaidy um being in your 50’s is not old

  6. Is anyone in october 2019 .. Legend are never die..

    1. mom lover “legend are never die”

    2. “legends are never die” AAAAAA

    3. mom lover “legend are never die” and “where r u live” LMFAOO

    4. mom lover I’m here today
      Rip Michael and Kobe
      Will never be forgotten

    5. Is everybody dumb? Or just the people leaving comments

  7. “ I want them to say he is the greatest entertainer in the world”

    😭😭😭you were the greatest entertainer in the world MJ

    1. Norma Jean he was the greatest and he said he wants them to say hes the greatest meaning the fans

    2. he is…of all time

    3. @Kam Kalambay when did Michael Jackson die bro?

    4. @Oobydooby Tooby when dod micken Jackson died

    5. He definitely was

  8. Michaels been through a lot, he deserves to rest.

    Rest In Peace. 🙂

    1. Yes, rest in pieces.

  9. his sister Janet said in an interview that Michael always said, “they’re going to kill me”.

    1. Like who would kill them?

    2. @Rîzwäñà Rizwana we are spiritual human and we can stop it if we use 100% of our DNA

    3. @Bert Harbinson GOD dont s sleep!!

    4. Michael’s doctor killed Michael? Why? This doctor Murray not even crying.. just sitting cold and guilty…

    5. Why? Was he going to rat on himself for being a pedo?

  10. Here in 2020 ? He’s a legend🎉

    1. elmerdane still people like you huh

    2. elmerdane Jeez I feel sorry for you for believing in news and the media you have no mind of your own

    3. These liberals are trying to assassinate my character. I wont change my mind regardless of the facts that are set out before me. Cuz I’m dug in and and I’ll never change

    4. WORD👍

    5. yes he is legend from amritsar..

  11. Is anyone here in 2020?

    1. No sorry im in 1999

    2. Michael’s doctor killed Michael? Why? This doctor Murray not even crying.. just sitting cold and guilty.. and why MJ’s last tour is called ” This is it “?

    3. People Will b there till 2300

    4. Wow thank u 3k+ likes

  12. Is anyone here in 2020? Rip king mj😔

    1. I miss him a lot. I will never forgive Murry the murder.

    2. RIP TO THE KING and I have to say this, you are really PRETTY

  13. Me : mom why do the best people die ?

    Mom: “when u are in a garden which flower will u pick “ ???

    Me : the most beautiful ones 😭😭

    Miss u michael 😢💗

    1. Andrew Joyce why are u jealous damnn

    2. @Andrew Joyce He did a lot of work in poor commuities around the world as well as fundraisers and donations and the like.

    3. ❤❤❤😭

    4. Not good po or

    5. I thought I’d never seen this thing again since 2018

  14. He’s the greatest entertainer in this world

  15. We love you Michael
    1958 – forever 💞

    1. 2020 – Turned into worm food by Karma by now

    2. Nope Nope stfu

  16. “i want them to say, hes the greatest entertainer in the world” Michael you were long before this. You’re the one and only.

  17. Michael tried to warn us so they labeled him a pedo when we know who the real pedophiles are.

    1. @Mickeys Shadow you stfu

    2. @Mickeys Shadow Pedowood is real. Pizzagate is real.

  18. First time seeing the picture of him on his death bed… I was 8 when he passed🤧🤧

    1. Brooo me to 💯

    2. I was still in the womb lool 😂

  19. Kids in 2019: Billie eilish is so good
    Kids from 1983: Jesus the song slaps like my mom’s belt

    1. Someone: who’s my favorite artist oh it’s prince
      Me: prince prince prince?!!!!!! 😡
      Someone: well who do like
      Me: I LOVE Michael Jackson ahhh 💗💓💜❤️
      Someone: sorry I don’t know who he is
      Me: do you know blood on the dance floor
      Someone: nope
      Me: smooth criminal?
      Someone: no
      Me: black or white?
      Someone: never in my life
      Me: do you live on a rock

  20. The reason why he got token out before his “THIS IS IT” tour he was about to expose the secret society & he already exposed them a lot through the HIStory album , now if you don’t see that you are willing fully blind. & I SAID WHAT I SAID ………💌📚🎯🚨⚠️

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