Michael Jackson Dance Evolution 1968 – 2009

Updated: September 13, 2020 — 5:12 am


  1. the ending… so sad

    1. oh so true

    2. so miss him

    3. yeah…

    4. ​@John Kyle Chiongson the last smile …. maaan, every time i see any of his last things ,i feel so emotional . i cannot accept he’s gone away.

    5. 最後にマイケルは笑顔でしたね……亡くなってもう何年も経つけど、悲しみは癒えません。

  2. Every bit of Michael’s body had a gift of musical notes in it

    1. Including his…

    2. Beautiful metaphor for an irrefutable truth

    3. That 1996 clip was mind blowing. Just wow!

  3. We will never see the likes of Micheal Jackson in this world ever again. We miss you forever . Love you MJ ❤️.

    1. Dino Climaco 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. You can never duplicate THAT. A legend Gone Too Soon.

    3. @altruistization m from india
      Than who is prbhu deva
      Man prbhu deva is just a name
      Michael Jackson is a identification

      Foolish person

    4. @Matthew Glance save that strength for the human traffickers who steals kids freedom and innocence

  4. If he had lived long enugh to perform the” this is it “tour, it would have been not only the greatest comeback ever, but also one of the hugest events of the history of music industry… sighs😔

    1. ”Hugest” . what kind of English is this?

    2. *Without a doubt* Probably the biggest comeback and event in the history of music

    3. sTRAIT jACKET What you saw in This is it is a rehearsal Mj was famous for not going 100% in rehearsals more like 30% He never went to the best of his ability in rehearsals Saved it all for performances

    4. Oh My Josh
      Exactly. If you go and watch the little footage we have from Bad Tour rehearsals this is very evident. He is a lot of the time thinking about other things, such as how the band should be sounding, the lighting and special effects, the backup dancers. He was always thinking about this. But when it was show time he was 100% switched on. Just watch one song from the Dangerous Tour rehearsals and then watch that exact same song in concert. You’ll see effort levels change.

      Also, if he did 123 shows for the Bad Tour, why would he bother wasting his energy on a rehearsal when he can do it at say 40-50 percent and then be 100% on the night, rather then be 80% at rehearsals and 90% on the night.

    5. Sergeant Skeleton Yes but some songs had an exception Songs like Billie Jean he still did all the choreography and everything but he didn’t go 100% and it wasn’t as intense as it would be during a real concert but songs like WBSS or Smooth Criminal yeah like 30-40% in rehearsals. I feel that everytime Mj performed Billie Jean he tryed his best to replicate that Motown 25 magic

  5. Only God knows how much long humans have left on this earth, but there’ll never be another Michael Jackson.

    1. There is only one, i always love him since i Was a Child, we were born the same year, May he R i P

    2. Check out the song dynamite by BTS. Its a little homage to MJ by the 7 men 😩💜

  6. my congrats to who did this wonderful clip edition. The way Michael dance is so electrifying

  7. He was really on stage his whole life…

    1. Even when he wasn’t on stage, he was on stage…

    2. @Bonker Right! Never saw videos of him as a child playing. But videos from a child to adult practicing or performing.

  8. There’s no doubt. The man was gifted.

  9. To me he’s never dead. Until my last breath on earth

  10. I think we will never see a human with so many talent and charisma again..

    1. @Janet Myles They both are great. However, I see no Elvis in MJ’s dancing.

    2. I agree

    3. Absolutely, there is No Single Human Being who will Ever Replace the Legendary Michael Jackson on this Planet Earth.

    4. @Connie Alford none of those mentioned arrives to half MJ

  11. See what happens when one chooses to perfect their passion?

  12. I think its beautiful that he smiled at the very end of the rehearsal. May He rest in peace.

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    1. Towards the end of his career, MJ did more walking than dancing. That’s what happenes when ya’ get old, & that’s why he was NEVER gonna do those 50 shows.

    2. Michael Joseph Jackson  (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American singer, songwriter,
      Jackson is the most awarded artist in the history of popular music.


  14. Michael jackson had so many talents that which talent is wonderful can’t choose, who agrees it, hit the like

    1. Happy birthday Michael Jackson

  15. LOVED EVERY SECOND of watching him dance through the years. Had to watch the “Stranger in Moscow” Dance 454,768,135 times juuust to make sure I didn’t miss a move 😍🥵!!!!! Gorgeous! …..Loved it when he stomped his foot and rolled his shoulders😍…the gold outfit and breeze made his moves come alive! AMAZING!! You can see the joy on his face he gets from the freedom of dancing…..
    I MISS EVERYTHING about him…always will! 💔 (Honestly can’t watch “This Is It” dance without bawling!😭 We still need him…IRREPLACEABLE!!!)

  16. It’s almost Michael Jackson’s birthday happy 62 birthday Michael jackson

  17. There is no doubt that Michael Jackson already had in his blood being a legend who was really born to be the greatest of all time

  18. I hope he burned the equivalent of 100 pizza’s calories every time he did a concert LOL

  19. Those rehersals probably where for making “slave to the rhythm”

  20. The only boy band that can’t be considered a boy band

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