Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Madison Square Garden / New York) (2001) (HD) MUSIC LEGENDS

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Madison Square Garden/ New York) (2001) (HD).
( Michael Jackson Impressive Performance).


  1. There will never be’ another Michael Jackson…

    1. Whatever happens do not touch https://youtu.be/ROKEJX_4DQ8 5G, God https://youtu.be/iYR-qpmsLZU bless!

    2. @Paul E Crosby stfu

    3. @Caped Baldy stfu weeb

    4. @Caped Baldy who knows🤔

  2. MJ could make millions just for getting dressed

    1. @antonio rosario jvjvkv

    2. @Nimesh Two ugjfj

    3. Lhfpudpuxlhclhcphcohclxkgdtksitsgkdgmxmhxkgdkydhkxkhcykdkhxkhxuodkhdtksjtwhtzgkbcljfitsyrajgncljgituodgkxohfroyxhkchftoucjlcljfjlglkgoufljvjldlhdljvjlvljcjlclj✌🏼

    4. Or just for dancing

    5. glen judge 😃😃😃😃😃😃indeed

  3. It appears people are going crazy,the ultimate of stardom.

  4. Майкал выдавал танец и артистизм на все сто, вечная память!!!!

    1. Привет

    2. ratowarser tut hello

    3. Это был негр мира и заставил все нации слушать его музыку

  5. alt title: Michael Jackson performance but we cut to the crowd excessively.

    1. They just want to show all the hoochie mamas there LOL😛

    2. t r u

    3. Also distract the fact he was lip syncing too.. great performance either way

  6. The Real legend even he died MICHAEL JACKSON

  7. Yes, he still had moves at 43. Yet just years later he was dead.

    1. What? Abusing kids in his 40s then died of a broken nose 2 decades later..

    2. @M kay broken nose what

    3. @M kay he didn’t die because of a broken nose

  8. People are enjoying him and not recording in mobile.That’s a great period.

    1. @オクタビアンOCT you just dont understand what the man’s saying and goes swearing yourself out. Get some happiness will ya man

    2. *peedo sympathisers are enjoying him. Speak for yourself and all the other lefty NPCs all you want but don’t be claiming they are “people saying” nobody with an IQ north of 60 is believing you son

    3. you do know most of them were screaming like bruh

    4. @AdamTheGamer78 g yeah the underage boys he abused were screaming

    5. オクタビアンOCT 日本人がバカだと思われるから日本語の名前で変なコメントするな

  9. This man gets claps for just standing on stage. People already crying and screaming

    1. The superbowl one though, man was just standing there people were screaming there lungs out, absolute Legend

    2. @TO z King of peeds

  10. 2 years baby too a 98 years old person Michael Jackson is never forgeten

    1. @:D he said if he was alive he would be 98yrs old r

    2. @:D these MJ lovers are all low IQ so don’t tend to make sense.. they still cannot accept the fact he was 40+yr old and sharing a bed with 10 to 15 underage boys. I mean talk about being in denial

    3. @MusiMasTeR yeah that makes sense huh?

    4. @M kay bs man, don’t bring up stuff that never happened.

  11. Невмістимий ВСЕСВіТ
    вмістився в цьому Хлопці !!

  12. Whoever caught that hat at the end, now has enough to by a country

    1. Harry Simpson that’s where mr.beast got his money

    2. @Inside my Mind epic. 😂

    3. Inside my Mind, honey gave him a lot also.

    4. @Parvathy what mmm ?

  13. He is a person who made Crazy from 8 years child to 80 years old.He will be Alive in his fans Heart Always..

  14. Looks like Playback when he‘s putting his Hand infront of his mouth and microphone ….

    1. Yes it’s full playback. Most of his performances in the late 90s and 2000s were

  15. Imagine everyone who got injured trying to get the legends hat.

    1. And all the kids he abused who got injured too

  16. Не умер он, он как Цой…
    Покурить вышел…

    1. И забухать)

    2. Yes, ofcourse you have permission to destroy Germany again.

    3. ну не знаю но ради этой публики все можно

  17. Мне нравится Майкл джексен слушаю песни его и клипы супер 💋💋💋❤️👍👍👍👌😭

  18. Doesn’t matter what happens : no one will ever be remotely close to Michael Jackson . He was an icon forever n always ❤️

  19. “Billie jean no es mi amante solo es una chica que afirma que lo soy”
    Amo esa parte

  20. Michael Jackson feat. Akon – Hold My Hand

    1. *Very very very nice………*
      *Bravo 👍👍👍👍👍👍………..*
      *Thank you for music michael jackson……*

    2. A dsaajuhvkkjh

    3. @Vườn lan Thuận Phong pppp

    4. MUSIC LEGENDS %%§🌿🌿🌿🌱🌿🌿z

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