Michael Jackson – American Bandstand 1970 HD

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  1. The question is how did this wonderful beautiful Black kid ever think he was ugly?

    1. It happened after he was burned in that Pepsi commercial. He hooked up with that horrid plastic surgeon who, I’m sure, made suggestions for every nip and tuck. That is also when the drug thing happened. So very sad. He made a lot of great music after that, but he was never the same.

    2. he is never ugly

    3. Low self image from C-PTSD from being abused by a Narcissist. And he had four disfiguring conditions. Cystic acne, third degree burns, vitiligo and Lupus. All in the public eye as the “most famous person in the world”.. the tabloids looking for any weakness to exploit

    4. Because of the comments below perhaps?

      …and probably a few above by now.

    5. @globalcitizenn Actually the family until today is unable to understand the magnitude of the damage caused by their parents. What a strong and powerful soul that of this great man!!! I love him so so much

  2. You can really tell Michael really enjoyed singing. He was smiling all throughout the song. 😁 He was born to sing.

    1. @x zack …It was also hell afterwards, and unfortunately, many of them were created by him. I sincerely hope he’s at peace.

    2. Totally agree. What a talent

    3. Pamela Mark I agree, he found joy in performing, even though he also had a lot of pain in his life and even though he also wished he had time to just be a normal kid.

    4. He was forced by his dad to perform and if there’s wrong on his dance or song he will get beat by his dad.

      Sorry for my english

    5. @dutchman063 true… he actually didnt choose to be a performer, but his dad whipped him to become one. And boy, he has become the greatest performers weve ever heard of, but I still feel sad when I think about the tears behind the stage smile. Love the song. <3

  3. Michael you’re incredible … love you Forever king of pop

    1. Forever! Love MJ

    2. The jackson 5 group is the best in king of pop💚💜

    3. omg why did you confused this Michael to the king of pop


    1. Yeah imagine that. 50 years from now will bring even more change.

    2. @Byi Za Yea, and it could be scary.

    3. Before i was born


  5. Such an innocent kid

  6. I still kick myself to this day that I didn’t get Michel Jackson’s autograph when he came into my friends book store in Van Nuys, CA. That was about 81 or 82. That was when he had the one curl hanging down his face. Diane said he came back into her stor a few times after that. He loved books.

    1. You WHAT! If you was near me right now!

      Kidding, bro. Hell of an opportunity.
      No… I’m figuring that, not going and missing that opportunity, is punishment every time you think about it. Sorry to hear it, actually. What can you do? You win & lose some. Keep your head up!

    2. That was before he became a world wide star man you really missed an opportunity cause when thriller came out he wasn’t going out in public anymore

    3. I would have leapt tall buildings to get his autograph!🤣 They were already well known in the 80s regardless of being catapulted into the stratosphere w/ Thriller and BAD albums!💛💜I was so into the Jackson 5 and I use to watch their cartoon when I was a kid along w/Fat Albert! Hey, Hey, Hey!!!😂👍

    4. Bet you wish you had of done so

    5. Yup…I WAS THAT CLOSE TO STEVE McQUEEN In a GULF Gss Station in Calimesa just before He Passed away…driving his Mercedes…My Uncle Ed delivered gasoline…had a fuel spill on his feet…needed a pair of Cotton Socks…I lived close…so I brought him a new pair…Just Happenstance…life is like that…hind sight is 2020…God Bless the Jacksons!!!

  7. Micheal Jackson says he admires the Beatles the most, decades later he buys the rights to all the Beatles songs and pisses the former Beatles off.

    1. Wow, over 10 years after his death and some people are still hating and on MJ. You do realize MJ did two successful duets with Paul McCartney and that is the Beatles are a musical group that made what, music? So, he loved their music mostly because that is what the Beatles did. So, there is absolutely nothing contrary to MJ seeking to buy their catalog. Now, please stop hating on MJ and let him rest in peace. Constant negativity towards him shows hatred or serious unwarranted rebuke, both of which are synonymous.

    2. @cat witch For the white media, it was the Beatles. For posterity, it was Jackie Wilson and James Brown who he emulated.

    3. Yes, he could be every bit of his cold blooded father sometimes. But he also built-up many slums around the world with his time, and money.

    4. While recording PYT, he asked Paul McCartney how much the catalogue was worth…
      McC said about $60 million.
      Jackson came back the next day and told him he bought it for $64 million.
      What a legend and total BADASS

    5. No Yoko Ono was very happy he bought it. She said he was the best person to own them coz he respected the Beatles. It was only Paul who had a case of sour grapes.

  8. Who is enjoying this lovely performance here in January 2020?

    1. Aug19 😔😔😔😔

    2. August 2020 admist a pandemic

    3. Always will remember my awestruck seeing them live in 1971….Precision at its finest
      Never grows old like fine wine
      Godspeed remaining Jacksons

    4. Well,lets say I was enjoying this 8 months later.

  9. He was so cute. The media ruined his life. He had more talent in his little finger then any musician now days.

    1. @Nova RL 😂😂😂😂

    2. Media?. lol.. His Father maybe

    3. Mj had more talent in his boogers 🦠 than any artist you could name of’s whole body

    4. True eee

  10. 4:53 When Motown told Michael to lie about his age to make him look cuter to the audience. He’s not 9 years old here, this is February 21 1970, making Michael 11.

    1. Hollyweird gives people fake names and ages when they sign that dotted line.

    2. You’re right Michael even talked about this he said it himself he was 11 they made him lie about his age

    3. Yes, Michael was born Aug 29, 1958. 4 months before me. I don’t think he liked lying about his age.

    4. You are completely RIGHT . Michael and I were born the same year and in 1970 I had 11 years old. He was born on August 29 and me September 10 , 1958. So date is a mistake or MJ was lying in cameras . MY GOD !!!

    5. @cat witch He was born in 1958, like me

  11. The One and only Michael Jackson.

    1. That’s It And That’s All! 💣💥

    2. 😇 of the world.🥰❤️💜🖤💙💚💛♥️💘


  12. I remember watching this exact American Bandstand show on a Saturday morning when I was 8 years old. It was so goddamn exciting, I thought I was going to lose my freaking mind!

    1. Yes I remember seeing Madonna for the first time. This show and Soul Train was my favorite ❤️

    2. I know the feeling😄

    3. Wow,you’re so lucky to grow up with his music

    4. @P Watson – I was 9 1/2 years old…and yes…as you already know….they were the BIGGEST thing for us kids EVER! If you didn’t have the latest J5 record or James Brown record at your party (for the elementary age kid party)..the kids would leave!!!!

  13. this man didn’t even know he would become one of the biggest successes in the whole world.

    1. That’s the stupidest statement I’ve ever heard….nobody know what they will be in the future. Bet he didn’t see himself being dead either….idiot

    2. Amen and Amen!

    3. Malia Hoff boy*

  14. The cutest child that was ever on TV

    1. Well technically Rudy Huxtable is the cutest kid that was ever on TV. But this guy was pretty good .😊jk

    2. Um Shirley temple?

  15. I can see why he had such a childish personality as an adult, imagine being bullied by your brothers, mercilessly beaten by your father, worked like a slave, and even forced to lie about yourself all throughout your childhood, even as a teenager, and a young adult he really couldn’t escape, it was probably the reason he wanted to go solo, to make his own music and to escape, and when he finally was free from having to be with his family all the time, he let out his inner child that never got the chance to live

    1. He was robbed of his childhood.

    2. Re going solo…. I think his ego was much bigger than people believe ;). Despite the abuse, Michael Jackson knew he was the little headliner and extremely talented star of the group. Don’t underestimate the ultimate negative power of excessive positive attention on a young child’s mind and ego.

    3. This happens everyday. I see my 9 yr old acting 4 sometimes because he had just me, single hard working mom. Now that I’m married, with three more kids, stay at home mom, my other 3 seem to be a lil more privileged and abled to enjoy their toddler years. My 9yr old didn’t. It was all rushed through seemingly.

    4. @X Zack well stated. I agree completely.

    5. Well said,X..nothing more to add….your words sum it up ….bravo!!👍

  16. Who is watching a little MJ during lockdown and feeling good 😍

    1. I am guilty as charged. He was a great person and a very talented performer.

    2. Me , now…..foreverMichael😍

    3. Meeeeeeee

    4. Me😍

  17. singing while dancing the whole time, no lip sync, how many kids can do that nowadays.

    1. @Roger Cook The first song is live, not lip-synced. The second song is lip-synced. Why they did it like that, I don’t know.. but you can clearly tell the difference.

    2. @JadeMusic yeah…no congas on the stage

    3. Roger Cook they were with abc but not on I want you back the brothers were but Michael wasn’t

    4. @Roger Cook yeah on ABC I was trying to figure out where those invisible Congo drums were at! 😂😆😉 I still loved seeing them on every T.V. show performance back then. I long to return to those days of my innocent, unjaded, non-cynical youth. 😕

    5. @Mohammad Sufian they did pre recordings too …. AB preferred it that way …. There is some video on YT about it ….

  18. Michael always stood out.
    Never should have messed with his looks.

    1. Laurie Ann Yanda Byrd Michael was ashamed of his looks because that’s how the times were then..We had to embrace our blackness through song and dance. Michael just wanted acceptance by the greater whole of society. We were the same age, born same month & year. August 1958 ❣️❤️😊Michael Jackson Forever ❣️🙏💕

    2. Synthia White exactly. If racism is still present now, it’s much worse then.

    3. Nina Maria My point exactly…I just remember the name calling and how my mother told her 5 children how to handle it. My mother was born and raised in the South ( Florida ) We were born there and then she moved with our dad to California for better opportunities. Racism was much worse then but I’m hoping it gets better for All minorities.❣️❤️🙏

  19. How does this little boy perform like that . He’s like a grown professional in a child’s body .

    1. @Liliana M. Huby Thanks for the info. I think there is so much to be learned from the Jacksons’ story, in its entirety, including everything that happened to Michael. It seems like all aspects of all their the stories can teach us all how to be better in the future. I believe creating that future is what Michael would have wanted. ❤️☀️❤️

    2. @Lisa Baughn Yes dear, he said it was his mission to heal the world, especially the children who are the future of the human race. Thank you very much for the chat. It is so enriching to find people to connect with. A hug with the soul.

    3. @Liliana M. Huby Totally, Liliana. This was fun! 💗🌷💗 May all the love for MJ flow eternal! Big hugs!

    4. @Lisa Baughn God bless us !!! ♥️🌻♥️

    5. @Liliana M. Huby Amen, Liliana. So nice talking with you. 🙂

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