Men who accuse Michael Jackson of abuse speak out

"CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King joins CBSN to talk about her interview with the two guys featured in the documentary "Leaving Neverland." Wade Robson and James Safechuck implicate Michael Jackson of abusing them when they were young boys, an allegation that Jackson always rejected.

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  1. Can HBO do a special titled “leaving your kids to strangers” and interview the parents?

    1. I know this guys are lying I was a victim of molestation and what they are describing does not go with a child victim more with a kid brainwashed to falsely accused someone. I also had a family member falsely accused and the kid had to admitted it later that was instructed by their parents because they wanted to get the other person in trouble.

    2. Karen Nunez it was Michael’s fault because he trusted in the wrong people and gave them everything the did not deserve.

    3. Tara O’Flaherty

  2. As a parent i would never just let my kid sleep over at a mans house no matter how famous he was.

    1. *Another new mini-series is showing tonight about how mj molested little boys and how he got away with it. Don’t miss this!*

    2. No one’s house to be clear

    3. David Walker and a grown woman’s house?!

    4. my days! HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING

    5. those the type of parents who want that to happen and sue the man

  3. And the million dollar question: Where were the parents?

    1. schwartz wolfe
      Maybe they were ashamed ,and obviously felt a strong loyalty to Michael.
      Why is it so hard to be that Michael abused boys.
      I’m in the middle,I don’t want to believe it,but it probably is true.

    2. It’s 1of God’s Freckled Beauties in order to keep these kids near him and to trust with them? Lmao he just wanted to give them presents, just because

    3. Joby Williams no! They were right next door and didn’t do anything about it because NOTHING HAPPENED

  4. So let me get this straight… Wade Robson, the same man who cheated with Britney Spears against Justin Timberlake and had the nerve and audacity to so-call “HONOR” MJ when Janet Jackson performed Scream at the MTV VMAs in honor of her brother, is now the same man saying that Michael Jackson had been abusing him as a young child?? THIS IS A LIAR. Does his allegations line up people? Think about it. He wants to cash in and media outlets ate this story up by giving it air time. Don’t give this fool and the one sitting next to him the time of day. I will not watch that Oprah documentary or any other interviews like this as they seek to slander and cash in on a man that is now in his grave. Robson has been dirty for years. His actions over time show his shadiness and intentions. Don’t believe the allegations they spoke against Michael Jackson.

    1. I know they are lying


    3. How do you know they are lying if you won’t watch the documentary? I’m not saying your wrong. But for all you know they probably address everything you accuse them of.

    4. whatupfool011 watch that it shows that they were lying

    5. There a lot of videos who proved that these two are scammers. Some experts even compared video interviews of real molestation victims with these two. People who believe them are feeble minded and gullible.

  5. I dont believe them, they way they talk about this, i Can tell on there faces that this is settup and its weird that they arent emotional at all. I mean this is a heavy subject.

    1. That’s facts.

    2. Brian Pratts watching it now and these men are LIARS

    3. Up the chels🔵

    4. No tears right 😂

    5. I know if he did why did they not say anything even after he died? Over 10 years since he had been dead and they did not say one word.

  6. They ran out of money so now they wanted to make more

    1. @Künstlerin-DAB1995 the documentary and publicity seems profitable. I bet they going to release best seller books soon

    2. @Künstlerin-DAB1995 They are trying to get money, the case is still going on. It will probably be dismissed again because they’ve been caught lying several times already but I guarantee you they made money somehow from the documentary also from every interview they’ve done like this one 😡

    3. Definitely

    4. Yup they did. U can tell they are lying look at their body language

    5. @ kun.
      Recanting now would destroy their images.

  7. These 2 men are actors they worked in Hollywood especially Wade. James is a failed child actor

    1. Kareem Everison You got everything right👍

    2. @Tsyandere_ Chan Thanks

    3. Kareem Everison I all ways knew it michael would never do w like that because he was abused in his childhood and wanted to spread love the children up at sexual abuse by making sure they are ok and feel loved

    4. @Eaty McEatison LaToya later came out about the truth. Her abusive husband made her make those claims.

    5. Then they should get an Oscar.

  8. Innocent until proven guilty funny how people forgot this all the time

    1. If your child said they were being abused would you say innocent until proven guilty to them? Just because he was a famous singer doesn’t mean he may be innocent.

    2. No, I would get to the bottom of it and I would certainly believe my own child especially if they were little, because what kind of child would lie about being molested, especially to the parents? The problem is, that this is not the case. The parents of these accusers constantly exploited others for money and the 1993 accusations were made By their parents even though the children denied them. Why would a child confessed to their own parent what Michael Jackson did to them but swear under oath and Michael Jackson never did anything to them in public? This is because the parents, who ironically exploited other people for money in the past, tried to make their child lie and say that Michael Jackson was guilty of molesting a child. It was only then in 2006 when the accusers, both of which had no money, all the sudden decided that Michael Jackson would be the perfect opportunity to make loads cash. The second one didn’t even accuse Michael Jackson right away. What makes it so fishy is that the second one only accuse Michael Jackson of molesting him right after he didn’t get excepted into a dancing job in a business owned by Michael Jackson. It was only then when he was rejected that he all of a sudden remembered that he was molested and started speaking up

    3. @Veronica Clark you are absolutely right

  9. I don’t believe them. MJ was good. R.I.P. Michael.

    1. Well duh he’s innocent to heaven and back I miss him tho

    2. I believe out of all these pedi bein brought out..
      MJ was the Only One that Was Real..He Never Did Anythg But Love The Children..
      I Believe He Is the Only one in Hellywood that Was Not a Pedi..RIP Micheal

  10. those MEN are liars they do this all for MONEY..very obvious.. the only disturbing here are the liars keeps on lying

    1. The law suit got thrown out they want money that’s all

    2. They should both get off of their lazy a##es and get a job, instead of trying to get money from Michael Jackson’s estate by saying a lot of bulls##t!

    3. Exactly

    4. Watch the documentary my friend, then come back and talk to us.

    5. @Thomas H basically you believe documentary more than court ?? TheY were caught lying multiple times ..mj was proven innocent quite a lot of times in the PRESTIGIOUS court :)) and thats should be the end of the discussion ,,

  11. God sees the truth but waits…

  12. Their body language show they’re lying

    1. D33Z NuTz He changed it after my comment x

    2. Talia Kay Weird facial expressions and hand gestures it kinda seems like it

    3. Katelyn Wilson Exactly but not only that, there are a variety of signs of trauma, none of which were presented by either of them. Somethings definitely going on.

    4. some girl I think for most victims it’s harder to say that persons without having some sort of attack

    5. Yep so obvious


  14. If they weren’t ready to testify against Michael, than why would they even show up in court for the other accusation?

  15. Wade is SICK !

  16. Fake why did he dont do that when MJ whas alive he said it after mj past away

    1. There pigs they do it for fam

    2. Wade didn’t want M.J to go to jail because mj had kids.

    3. @Javier Pacheco lmaoo highly doubt it the guys heartless and a pathetic liar feel sorry for the ppl who believe these guys


    1. How can you me sure?

    2. Do not be blind to the facts. Watch the documentary and 60 minutes on this topic… then come back to talk to this.

    3. @Thomas H 100% innocent I watched it all

  18. children are scared of molestation or anything to do with sex,this 2 are lying .

  19. These two are such liars, all they want is money. This is just so sad it makes me sick, you two need to stop lying enough is enough.

  20. Gavin’s mom has a history of trying to con multiple celebrities out of money lmao. This is such bs

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