In 2020, Brent Faiyaz introduced his 25th birthday celebration with”Dead Man Walking,”a solitary that distilled a new ideology for the following quarter of his life:”Do what you wan na, live just how you wan na,invest what you wan na, be that you wan na be .”Slushy consistencies and also streamlined instrumental manufacturing included in the dramatization, yet it was Faiyaz’s photos that made the tune stick. A home window cuts open, as well as smoke streams out of the vehicle; rubies”doing Toosie Slides in both ears”twinkle as he cruises down the Vegas strip. Drake, whom Faiyaz takes such discomforts to reference in this track et cetera of his brochure, developed this sort of pitched-down dive right into nihilism, adrenaline as the only end video game. In the middle of this upcoming feeling of ruin, Faiyaz charmed with an aerial voice as well as engaging feeling of simplicity. “Dead Man Walking”went viral