LISTEN: Sevenn Drives the Dancefloor & Serves Up “Champagne & Pizza”

LISTEN: Sevenn Drives the Dancefloor & Serves Up “Champagne & Pizza”

Raise a glass and call up your favorite pizza place! Internationally-renowned producer and DJ Sevenn is back with yet another spicy slice of Hybrid Techno. Out now on Mentalo Records, “Champagne & Pizza” joins a string of sensual summer releases the WME signee is putting out this year. 

Ahead of a smorgasbord of original tunes, edits, and so much more that spans outside of releases, Sevenn continues to stun with hypnotizing beatwork in his latest single. “Champagne & Pizza” joins the artist’s hip-shaking discography in rhythmic style. Driving dance floors with rolling basslines, gossamer synth work, and swanky vocal chops, this record digs deep and dirty with its lurking, semi-dark prowess. 

“‘Champagne & Pizza’ is about finding your inner darkness and facing it. Not everything that happens in life is light, and so this song is about a dark place but kind of a mischievous one. I came up with the idea for the lead by putting a bunch of arpeggiators together and the computer basically spoke this melody to me in real time. And that’s what you’re hearing. It’s kind of a collab between me and the computer, like my cyborg kid.”


With “Champagne & Pizza” already on the table, we’re excited to see what else Sevenn is cooking up. Check out this tantalizing cut wherever you find your sounds and listen below:

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LISTEN: Sevenn Drives the Dancefloor & Serves Up “Champagne & Pizza”