Isaac Dunbar Breaks Down Banish the Banshee EP Track by Track: Exclusive

isaac dunbar breaks down banish the banshee ep track by track

Through our recurring Track by Track series, artists can share exclusive insight into every song on their latest release. Today, Isaac Dunbar breaks down his new EP, Banish the Banshee.

In the midst of graduation season, one can’t help but reminisce about when they were entering a new season of life. For Isaac Dunbar, today marks a sort of graduation. The impressive 19-year-old singer celebrates a new explosive era in his sonic journey by introducing his latest EP, Banish the Banshee.

“Sunburn,” the opening track of the project is perhaps the most hypnotically dazzling song, showcasing a steady bass beat that is equally unpredictable and biting. While “Sunburn” remains one of the standout songs in the collection, “Fools Paradise” marks the more lyrically-driven part of his EP, poignantly creating a soundscape that feels larger than life while still remaining cuttingly personal.


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While each track mimics a portal that transports the listener into a vibrant painting of Dunbar’s skill, the common theme that threads each song together is the idea of unapologetic rebellion. “Bleach” sets the tone early, when he sings, “I left my lover/ I’m a classic sign of self-sabotage/ A monster dressed in your mirage/ Once I said I loved you/ I ran away,” showcasing the lack of control that anyone has over the 19-year-old.

The same ideas of rebellion and lack of control appear again in “Gummy.” The song snarls and bites, tapping into the whimsical chaotic landscape that Dunbar has mastered over the years.

Yet another captivating EP, the 22-minute compilation adds to the unique collection that Dunbar’s discography offers, leaning into the eccentric playfulness for which he has been adored. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and isn’t afraid to explore new themes of self-discovery. The project marks his growth since his last release and serves as a reminder that the artist is still defining his space within the sonic universe.


Listen to Banish the Banshee below while reading the inspiration behind each track.

Dunbar will embark on a North American tour behind the EP in June. Pick up your tickets via Ticketmaster.

isaac dunbar breaks down banish the banshee ep track by track