IRON MAIDEN Adds POWERWOLF’s Mascot To Their Legacy Of The Beast Game

iron maiden adds powerwolfs mascot to their legacy of the beast game

Powerwolf is the latest band to be included in Iron Maiden‘s Legacy Of The Beast mobile game. Powerwolf appears in the form of Vârcolac, a character from the band’s latest record Call Of The Wild, as a part of the Macht Der Wölf event. The event runs from April 11 to May 11, and allows players to unlock the character by logging in seven days in a row.

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“We were breathless and stunned when we saw the first iteration/scene of the game featuring our Vârcolac,” said Powerwolf vocalist Attila Dorn, “And most of all we couldn’t wait to play it ourselves!! when I was a young kid listening to my Iron Maiden tapes all day, I would have never dreamt of playing the same stage one day. Being invited to support Iron Maiden with my band, is there anything more a metalhead could dream of?”

Check out Legacy Of The Beast here.

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