How Much Plastic Surgery Did Michael Jackson Actually Have? | the detail.



  1. He’s a black man and looked good with his first nose 🙁

    RIP Michael Jackson.

    1. @Jackie Jackson nope.

    2. You’re absolutely right!!!
      I think he was not happy to be black and he was shamed of

    3. @Liala Liala omg he love being black your stupid not becuase someone have plastic surgery doesn’t mean there trying to change there race and plus he had vitiligo, michael had always sia I’m black and I’m proud… Stop spreading hate and rumour

    4. @goose green lol

  2. He was beautiful before his surgery.

    1. he was beautiful with and without. he didn’t purposely change the way he looked

    2. BIGMAN BadMAN what the hell? he was beautiful before and after the surgery. he didn’t choose to change.he had multiple medical issues resulting in changing. his death isn’t his fucking fault and never was. he needed sleeping medicine that has absolutely fucking nothing to do with surgery dumbass. you’re sick

    3. guan poh he looked good either way.

    4. MaxBeagle no he doesn’t.if you did your research he wouldn’t be scary to you. yet you’re too ignorant.

    5. Parth Mishra wring. he wasn’t desperate in surgeries, the media manipulated that. he needed nose surgery because he broke it, that was the only surgery he really got, yes he changed his chin in the 2000s, but he wasn’t desperate for cosmetic surgery that’s wrong. get your facts correct cus that’s not true

  3. I don’t care how he looks. He’s beautiful always on the inside 💙

    1. @TheComputez – Gaming MICHAEL was INNOCENT and acquitted of all false allegations and filth about him, despite all those haters who deny reality!! MICHAEL could never ever hurt a child!! Only idiots can believe that! All his life he helped sick and needy children!! He had a soul too pure for the miserable world in which he lived!! I hope he has finally found peace!

    2. @Roxana N Because I don’t want to get into a serious argument, just a mild debate, I am just going to say, even if he didn’t violate children, it’s still kind of creepy that he had sleepovers with little kids. Hanging out with them? Sure!! Sleeping with them? That’s crossing the line.

    3. @TheComputez – Gaming this!!

    4. MJ himself said in an interview with Martin Bashir that he is sleeping next to the children in bed. That doesn’t mean that he abused them, but it is creepy that an adult (it doesn’t matter if man or woman) sleeps next to a stranget kid, who isn’t the own child. At least I don’t say he was an abuser, maybe, I don’t know it.
      But when we are honest when another man did this who wasn’t famous, many people would think he is an abuser.

  4. He just needed one person in his life to tell him he was perfect the way he was, but instead he got attacked and felt he had to conform to stupid things like getting the unattractive chin implants.

    1. Not 100 people telling him every day he doesn’t need the nose job would change it that he wants to change the nose. It’s in your head and you won’t belive friends or familiy that you would not need it.

    2. Last time I checked it was his choice to do whatever he wanted to his face. No one asked what you thought of it. Lol.

    3. I mean he was proud of his race and looks but he didn it anyway

    4. @yeee haaw he took to much Jrugs and I am 8

    5. @Prosper Xander black?

  5. Michael Jackson passed away 10 years ago and the details of how much plastic surgery he had is still important why?

    1. @It’s just me this!!
      A lot of MJ fans are so sensitive
      I think MJ was super talented performer, and I kinda curious why his looks changed so much

      People just wanna know about his plastic surgery history, so chile people

    2. @Fachry Hafidz Ahmadi Exactly I like MJ too, but of his fans are just super annoying 🙄🙄, like some of us just genuinely want to know.

    3. @hello world ooooo sowwy. Ooo sowwy don’t ‘urt me. Ooo sowwy

  6. Well he wasn’t a scary person like this the world and people forced him to be scary. He probably just wamted to hear that he was beautiful

    1. @Justin who ever said that said a lie.. they just want money from him

    2. @Justin literally a random news article without any source…

    3. @Justin nope they didn’t lmao

    4. ;_; what did @justin say? •~• the comment was deleted :/

    5. He had body dysmorphic disorder and It doesn’t matter how many times a BDD sufferer is reassured by others about his appearance, he will always see a distorted image of himself. How many time Michael heard fans screaming that he was gorgeous and wonderful. He had more people telling him that he was super attractive and amazing than anybody else.

  7. He had vitiligo and muscle degeneration and lupus. Just give him a break. There are people who have had 100s of surgeries. Why hound him?

    1. ​@Jackie Jackson You might as well scream “I’M AN IGNORANT FUCKING MORON.” It was confirmed in his autopsy that he had vitiligo. There are multiple pictures of him with visible vitiligo symptoms. Vitiligo is also genetic and there are pictures of Michael’s grandfather and son having vitiligo. So do your research before you open your mouth and repeat the bullshit you heard, you stupid fucking sheep.

    2. @ZZEEZEEE xxZK What bullshit fucking stories do you call proof? You call an emotionally manipulating one-sided movie full of propaganda a documentary? The extortionists you call victims are overshadowing actual victims in Hollywood, you sorry ignorant sheep.

    3. RickyRichReacts you’re moms a freak.

    4. I read somewhere that he had cancer, but I don’t know if that’s true. I hope not . 😔

  8. I think he was a beautiful young man when he was younger. Even if his nose was a little bit bigger, it matched his face and didn’t look bad at all…

    1. Hey sweetheart

    2. Oh well he’s dead now Rest up michal

  9. I feel so bad about his burns during the Pepsi deal! So sad!

  10. No one cares about the outside.From inside he was a very rare Diamond

    1. Shame about the pedophilia tho

    2. @thescopedogable it’s sad how people labeled him as a pedophile…

    3. @Fetty Wap hahaha have literally no idea :’D there is NOT A SINGLE EVIDENCE that proofs he would touch a child . not a single one. the opposite: the parents who sue him admit that they only did this for money. Dont beleivee what media write sheep… your silly brain wants to believe it but it has nothing to do with the truth.

    4. @Fetty Wap victim of the media

    5. Mj is a rare angel

  11. such a shame, this guy was basically massacred by most people in his life.

    1. @XxKillerRobot2110xX no

    2. He also is rumored to touch kids

    3. @Spicy Shizz No he didn’t touch little kids

    4. tasia elliott what did they say ???

  12. Michael Jackson was a loving and caring man, people portray him as a pedophile and a creep

    1. sadly yes people do potray him as those last two words…

    2. Don’t molest people and you get accused of it

  13. He trusted his doctors..and they did him bad😔😔 I feel so sorry for him that no one told him he was very handsome young man

    1. A lot of people told him he was handsome he just didn’t want to believe it

    2. 1995 he looks so cool and handsome. Really

    3. @REAGz Huh? Micheal himself even said when he was completely overcome by VITILIGO that he is
      proud to be a BLACK American, and a BLACK MAN. So just stop with that “he wanted to be white” bullshit

    4. @The Knights Extended Universe chill bro I wasn’t a Big MJ fan when I said that

    5. Aida Luna i know smh🤦‍♀️

  14. *Ok, people still can’t give the poor man a break.*

    1. @Sh Prime he was in pain like he went through a lot

    2. But from what i know it he molested a lot of kids

    3. @marjorie aesthetics he didnt it was proven in court theres no evidence thay be trying to find proof but there isn’t so hes innocent

    4. @marjorie aesthetics and he was proven innocent so much times theres not even 1 single evidence. theres zero evidence but people still try to make up stuff that just annoying

    5. Hshsh Hshshs Exactly, people are quick to assume.

  15. if his dad wasn’t so abusive he would still have been a beautiful natural person

    1. We can’t blame Joe for all of the surgery, Michael had low self esteem about himself. We saw his talent and he couldn’t see what we saw.

    2. @RickyRichReacts Thank you,Michael Jacksons dad has nothing to do with his extreme self-abuse.

    3. Jennifer Haynes he has low self esteem because of his dad

    4. @Jennifer Haynes well I mean if u were abused verbally physical and mentally u would want to “fix urself” and he did say that he fixed his nose because his dad made fun of his nose all the time. I agree the his father didn’t tell him to get the surgery I think he influenced him tho

    5. He still is, I like him with the surgery and without it! He is beautiful and pure

  16. Man he has been thru so much, abused burnt broken nose robbed his childhood accused of child molest, n then killed.. OMG i feel so sorry for him he went thru too much! Smh! Life…


    1. tea spills they did lol

  18. i don’t care whatever people say he’s the most beautiful human i’ve ever seen inside and out.

    1. Omg so many bad things happened to him I prefer the triller look why couldn’t he stop there I feel bsd

    2. Shame on his dad he’s perfect the way he his

    3. @Abreanna Donaldson mind your business


    5. RickyRichReacts ur just insecure 😻

  19. Michael was still a beautiful human being. From the inside out. Truly one of a kind!

  20. His African American nose was beautiful 😍 he was such a beautiful person ❤️ RIP

    1. But the plastic surgery has spoiled his whole look

    2. Travis Scott Bois nope he still looked good after it either way

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