Finnish Singer-Songwriter Erika Sirola Signs to Elektra Records, Debuts “End of the Day” Video: Exclusive

finnish singer songwriter erika sirola signs to elektra records debuts end of the day video

Finland-based, international art-pop artist Erika Sirola has signed to Elektra Records, Consequence can exclusively announce today (June 2nd). Sirola has also released her first track for the label, “End of the Day,” which is accompanied by a moving performance video; check it out below.

As she tells it, Sirola always had the urge to create. Writing her first songs at the age of eight and getting her first record deal at age 12, Sirola spent her upbringing picking up influences from genres and cultures around the globe. Incorporating folk, jazz, pop, and experimentation and spending time in Canada, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, and her hometown of Helsinki, the now 23-year-old Sirola joins Elektra fully formed.

“I’m thrilled to finally announce my signing with Elektra and get my music out into the world,” she tells Consequence. “I couldn’t have asked for a better team to back my art. I’ve been working with them in secret since November 2021, and at the end of the day, we finally have ‘End of the Day’ ready for release.”


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The label — which is also home to artists like Avril Lavigne, The Band Camino, White Reaper, and Brandi Carlile — is a fitting partner for her eccentric approach to pop music.

“Erika is one of the most talented and unique artists and songwriters I have worked with — she has a unique artistic vision for the world and multiple creative outlets to express herself,” Jacob Fain, SVP of A&R at Elektra Music Group, tells Consequence. “Signing her as an artist was a no-brainier. We are so pleased to have her on the roster, and can’t wait to see the way she colors the world.”

“End of the Day” embodies Sirola’s unique voice. Starting as a soft-spoken piano ballad, it soon falls into a world of dramatic synth pads and a drumbeat that sounds like it’s ripped from a club hit — all without losing its emotionality.


“This is a track I wrote many years ago whilst in Stockholm; it represents who I was and what I was going through around that time,” she explains. “As much as I’ve changed as a person and artist since, it doesn’t change the importance and impact the song has, and my team at Elektra took that just as much to heart as I hoped they would.”

Check out the stunning performance video for “End of the Day” below.

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finnish singer songwriter erika sirola signs to elektra records debuts end of the day video