fcknoon Announces Debut Single ‘no warm up’

fcknoon announces debut single no warm up

Skrillex and Calvin Harris collaborator fcknoon is ready to launch his solo career and carve out his niche in the EDM scene. Prepared to dominate with the upcoming release of his debut track, “No Warm Up,” out later this month via Night Drive Recordings, fcknoon is set to show off his distinctive sound as he lands a successful balance between a ruthless dubstep anthem and bass house heater.  

The song has two drops.I wanted to do this so I could post content for both parts of the song. It will be cool for a new listener to find one of the drops, seek out the song, and get the pleasant surprise of the other drop.”

 Prepare to immerse yourself in the dope visuals for “No Warm Up,” which will feature moonwalking astronauts, demonic babies, and some heavy mind-warping, 3D-rendered imagery Stay tuned and keep an eye out for more tracks and remixes from fcknoon to be released on streaming platforms and used during live shows later this year.


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fcknoon Announces Debut Single ‘no warm up’