Eddie Murphy does Mike Tyson, Tracy Morgan, Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis impressions

Eddie Murphy does impressions of Tracy Morgan, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, Sammy Davis jr. and a Chinese restaurant owner in Jersey.

Compilation video from the episode with Eddie Murphy: I Simply Wished To Eliminate. Comedians in Cars And Trucks Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld's show on Netflix. Newly Brewed (2019 ).

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Eddie Murphy, by many considered as one of the top comedians of all time, is preparing yourself to return to stand-up funny. He's been away from the comedy stage because 1987. Murphy is getting ready for a funny tour, and will (apparently) sign a big deal with Netflix for a series of funny specials. He will also host Saturday Night Reside in 2020. He'll be back as Prince Akeem in Comming To America 2, and you can enjoy him in his brand-new motion picture Dolemite Is My Name.

Are you as thrilled about his stand-up comeback as we are?

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