BEAT IT – Michael Jackson x Peter Bence (Piano Cover)

Michael Jackson x Peter Bence: Beat It Piano Symphony
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Arranged, blended and produced by Peter Bence
Directed by Sebastian S. Zold
Electronic Camera: Zoltan Sarady
Unique thanks to Audio-Technica for their continuous support!

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  1. Beat the piano…just beat it…beat it…

    1. Poor piano… 😉

    2. piano feel hurt

    3. *beat it until it breaks*

    4. hehe im ur 1000th like :p

  2. I truly believe Peter Pence is pushing the limits of what one man can do with a piano!! I love this!

    1. @Blondie SL He performed last night at Berklee in Boston and showed us how he creates layers with the looping machine. I Sat right in front of him. Incredible watching his hands. Utube and the camera do not do it justice. It’s all done right in front of you, not recorded and edited as some suggest.

    2. @Paul Mathieu Yup it’s looping. I didn’t respond when others said it was edited. No reason to.
      He’s amazing and super talented.

    3. He’s from the land of Liszt, the greatest pianist of all time.

    4. The younger version of Mario Mariani

    5. @Pawel Salaciak No it isn’t, it’s a bit of actual playing and editing

  3. INCREDIBLE IDEA, FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE AND MARVELOUS AFTER-EDIT, GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT PRODUCTION. You’re really my inspiration. Hope we could do great video just like you did in the future. – Fans from Taiwan

  4. Hope the piano was 18

    1. go exshange for suscribe?

    2. “Please be 18!!!”

      _Ricky Bobby

    3. Hope the piano?
      Is that the name of the piano and do you hope the piano was 18?
      18 what?
      I hope the piano was 18 years old.*

    4. Best comment 😂😂😂

  5. This dude is so talented he has a guitar solo in a piano cover.

    1. @Charlie B you must be fun at parties

    2. Haters on this comment are a bunch of morons. No, he has no guitar solo and the poster is making a joke only. Seriously, get a life.

    3. @Leo M that’s not a nice word to use

    4. @Matt Trombetta Police much? I changed it to fucking morons.

    5. @Leo M just saying buddy

  6. Now THIS is how you pay homage to a KING

    1. From the Crown Prince of Piano .. no less.

    2. go exshange for suscribe?

  7. Don’t worry about the pencil, John Wick will pick it up.

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    2. @Verna Golding Walker go exshange for suscribe?

    3. @dano elmucho go exshange for suscribe?

    4. LOL better run away

  8. My piano teacher calls this unfair

    1. @Ramesh Kalapala hahaha oh my god … just going through the comments (at 1:15 am)to see if there are any new ones and YES ! your answer is hallerouis ! 😂 oh my god it just did my day 😙😙

    2. Lol

    3. Your piano teacher wishes he or she had thought of this first. Lol

    4. @Bob Marie it’s not only about thought, but about money too. And space.

      I wish I could buy so much mic to put inside the piano, and pedal effect, etc, but i can’t :'( (mic are quiet expensive stuff)

      Anyways, it’s cool way to use a piano that i would like to see more often.

  9. Is this guy human or angel? Maybe the Heaven sent his pianist to the earth. Jesus!👀

    1. go exshange for suscribe?

  10. I imagine this guy dating a rich lass, and while picking her up at her parent’s mansion he spots the grand piano and makes small talk about how he plays. When his dates’ dad asks him to play while they wait this is his response.

    1. the dad becomes so impressed he tells his daughter to break up with him so the dad can be with him

    2. @Suraj Animations good fucking one

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    4. Suraj Animations daddy gonna be like “welp call me Katlin”

  11. The piano had no idea it can play like that !

    1. Loooooooooool.

    2. haha, that’s really a funny remark

    3. yes sir!

    4. 😂😂

  12. Hahahhaha..his fingers are FASTER than My internet connection

    1. lol

    2. 😂

    3. 😝

    4. This comment is on every piano video lmao whatevrr

  13. I still don’t get how someone pushes the dislike button

    1. Shaky hands after dancing

    2. They are aliens

    3. dowload button confuse :))))

    4. I think they had gone mad after viewing this.. 🤔🤔

    5. They were mad coz they failed trying to play it

  14. So how many flight tickets will the band need for the tour?

    Peter Bence: Yes.

  15. The piano was thinking “wait a minute, I didn’t realise I could do a guitar solo”

  16. This is my friend’s cousin.

  17. Omg too insane and good

  18. Micheal Jackson: King of Pop

    Peter Bence: King of Piano

  19. Piano saw a psychiatrist after this for identity crisis. Claims he’s a guitar.

  20. 2:41 – when you realize that you have been listening to this on loop all day!

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