An Entire Jackass TV Series Is Coming To Paramount+

an entire jackass tv series is coming to paramount

After over a decade of absence, the Jackass crew returned in February of this year with Jackass Forever as a Paramount+ exclusive. Jackass Forever was produced by Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze, and Johnny Knoxville, and starred most of the classic Jackass cast of Knoxville, Danger Ehren, Steve-O, Dave England, Chris Pontius, Wee Man, Preston Lacy alongside a few newcomers like Zach Holmes, Eric Manaka, Jasper Dolphin, Rachel Wolfson, and SeanPoopies McInerney.”

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Then came the announcement that Jackass 4.5 was coming to Netflix on May 20, which will consist of outtakes and interviews that didn’t make Jackass Forever. Jackass 4.5 wasn’t surprising considering the crew has always done Jackass X.5 movies. Though Knoxville said in a 2021 interview with GQ that Jackass Forever would be his final contribution to the series, saying “You can only take so many chances before something irreversible happens/ I feel like I’ve been extremely lucky to take the chances I’ve taken and still be walking around.” Turns out that might not be the case.

According to Screen Rant, Paramount+ announced today on an earnings call that they will be rolling out a new Jackass TV series. No word yet on if the TV series will feature the entire Jackass cast (or who it’ll feature at all), or when it’ll even be out. But rest assured that there will be more Jackass coming soon!

As far as what’ll be featured in Jackass 4.5 in the meantime, Knoxville said in an interview with Loudwire that it’ll be the usual Jackass X.5 movie with outtakes, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. “It’s great though man, there were so many great bits that didn’t make Jackass Forever and Jackass 4.5 is one of our best point fives for sure,” he said. I guess this also means that Jackass 4.5 is going to be the only Netflix exclusive for the series?

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