Allison Ponthier Breaks Down New EP Shaking Hands With Elvis Track By Track: Exclusive

allison ponthier breaks down new ep shaking hands with elvis track by track

Our feature series Track by Track allows artists to run through every song on their newest release. Today, Allison Ponthier dissects her sophomore EP, Shaking Hands With Elvis.

Allison Ponthier returns today (June 10th) with the gorgeous Shaking Hands With Elvis EP, her second release in just a year. The singer-songwriter established early on with her debut release, Faking My Own Death EP, that she was not interested in playing to the monogenre box that country music had outlined for her, instead opting for something closer to the dynamic folk-tinged stoicism of Kacey Musgraves and Orville Peck.

At the core of Allison Ponthier’s mission is embracing herself as a queer artist in an otherwise limiting space. Now, with Shaking Hands With Elvis, she’s expanded her sound a great deal, incorporating some fuzzy indie rock guitars, flexible song structures, and ambitious production choices. “Autopilot” is the most rock-forward song she’s ever released, and “Late Bloomer” seems to live in a Fleetwood Mac-style alternate universe.


These are some of the most vital and urgent tracks that Ponthier has ever crafted, and according to the artist herself, Shaking Hands With Elvis is all about “accepting [her] flaws and celebrating the weirdness of who [she is].” That boldness is clear as day on the EP, and it’s yet another example of why Ponthier is one of the most exciting singer-songwriters around.

allison ponthier breaks down new ep shaking hands with elvis track by track