6 Can’t Miss Sets at Coachella 2022’s Do LaB Stage

6 cant miss sets at coachella 2022s do lab stage
Photo by Jamal Eid

Throughout the years, The Do LaB at Coachella has become one of my favorite places in the world. Not one of my favorite places at Coachella – the world. Nestled inside a music festival with some of the world’s best production – The Do LaB can be almost hidden away. It’s the only stage at Coachella that has different weekends from week 1 and week 2 – and has surprise headliners almost every night. It can sometimes be an artist that played Coachella earlier in the day or massive surprise headliners like Major Lazer or Skrillex.

If you have a gap in your busy Coachella schedule, I highly recommend stopping for a dance break at The Do LaB. The vibes are always on point.

Weekend 1

Balkan Bump

Balkan Bump rose to prominence under Gramatik’s Lowtemp imprint. His blend of electronic production and live instrumentation made him the perfect fit. Coincidentally – that makes him the perfect fit for a stage like the Do LaB. His sets combine his prowess of the trumpet with some exquisite Balkan Bump Beats. Make sure to give yourself a chance to dance to some electro-soul, trip-hop, and electro-swing. It’s good for the soul. Trust me.


If you need to vibe – then let Duskus be your vibe. At least for 20 minutes. I am willing to bet you won’t be able to leave. After being signed to San Holo’s Bitbird label, Duskus has been busy crafting music that elicits more than happiness. His songs can turn on a dime and make you feel things. Some you might not want to feel – some you may have to feel. But You will feel.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) makes the list not only for his exciting backlog of music – but with a new album coming in July (His first full-length album in TEN years) – I expect lots of new music to be rinsed out. With his Do LaB set being billed as a DJ set – it is the absolutely perfect opportunity to get some feedback on some music that hasn’t seen the light of day. It’s the perfect petri dish for a dance party.

Weekend 2

Justin Martin

Justin Martin playing the Do LaB might be the true wild card for the weekend. Will he keep us bouncing with a house set or will be deep in his drum & bass bag? Possibly a little bit column A and a little bit of column B. Whatever Justin Martin chooses to go with – we are all winners. He’s a master of his craft and has played everything from main stages to the darkest, sweatiest of clubs. The Do LaB stands no chance.

Moore Kismet

Moore Kismet’s meteoric rise over the last year and a half has been an absolute joy to watch unfold. At just 16 they have already been the youngest person to play EDC Las Vegas and are also booked to play Lollapalooza, and now will be making their Coachella debut. AT JUST 16. A Moore Kismet has been described by Moore Kismet themself as a ‘Beautifully Controlled Chaos.’ They’re learning more about themselves and how to navigate their sound every day. Get a front-row ticket to this success story before they’re topping every headline in the world.

The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob is no stranger to the Do LaB. The Glitch Mob’s aggressive, mechanical, industrial sound could be described as too much for the Do LaB. Both can be true. As legendary of a stage Do LaB is – they really don’t host too many return acts. But when a veteran of The Do LaB returns to the Do LaB – they bring a certain kind of experience that first-timers just can’t recreate. The Do LaB is a special place and The Glitch Mob’s return will be a special set.

Full Lineup

6 cant miss sets at coachella 2022s do lab stage

Weekend 1 Set Times (Weekend 2 to come)

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6 Can’t Miss Sets at Coachella 2022’s Do LaB Stage