10 Celebrities That Committed Horrible Crimes

disturbing crimes that famous and singers were accused of committing.
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We may idolize celebrities and think of them as better than the average person, but some celebrities have committed crimes that prove otherwise. Crimes that make them a lot less absolute and important than we would have thought. We may still love and respect a lot of the people featured in this video, but there are some that have completely lost their fans and followers because of their disturbing actions.

In some cases, these celebrities have not been able to recover from the crimes that they committed, in other cases the celebrity died before anything could be solved or before they could pay for the things that they had done. From domestic abuse to death, the people featured in this video have done some awful things, and they were all idolized at one time by millions of people. Some continue to be idolized, some even gained popularity after they committed these crimes. It’s hard to believe the things that these stars have done, and in cases it’s easy to feel angry at the fact that they never got what they deserved. Because of fame and fortune, it’s easy for celebrities to get out of a fate that would be inevitable for the average person. Whether you forgive these people for what they have done, or if you’ll never be able to look at them the same way, it’s always shocking to find out that someone that seems to lead such a charmed life has committed such terrible crimes. It makes you feel better about your normal life, because at least you haven’t had to go through accusations, trials, and jail time and have all of this on display for the world to see. Committing a is magnified when you’re a celebrity because this terrible time in your life is out there for everyone to follow along and judge. But in of these cases we don’t feel bad for the celebrity in question, because none of these stars were falsely accused. They were all guilty to some degree for these appalling crimes.

There will always be some scandal going on in Hollywood when it comes to celebrities getting themselves into sticky situations and trouble with the law, and there will always be people who will want to read about it. Because when people that seem so perfect do something so flawed, society eats it up. We love seeing stars go through hell, because the rest of the time they seem to be cruising along in life, problem-free. There also times where we can’t help but feel bad for celebrities we love, people still buy ’s albums even though he shot his brother when he was younger, and Michael Jackson still has people mourning his passing even though he was accused of many crimes involving children. Some fans are very, very dedicated to the work of celebrities they admire, no matter what they’ve done in their personal lives. In this video you’ll be shocked to hear about the disturbing crimes committed by celebrities.

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