Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs

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Top 10 Best Michael Jackson Songs

He was the King of Pop, the Gloved One or simply, MJ. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 Michael Jackson songs.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. “Black or White” (1991)
#9. “The Way You Make Me Feel” (1987)
#8. “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” (1979)
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Michael Jackson – The Secrets of a Legend

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On June 25, 2009 the world was struck with the tragic & untimely death of the biggest pop icon of our time. His death left so many questions unanswered. Did he simply die a natural death, or was he in fact murdered? What secrets were buried with the legend? This documentary reveals a side of Michael Jackson unkknown to the public.… Read the rest

(Full-length Music Video) “A-B-C, Easy as 1-2-3!” by

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Knowing can absolutely be as simple as ABC, 1-2-3, and Do-Re-Mi!

This unabridged version of the classic track "ABC" features more than 100 of the country's best young professional dancers and was choreographed by Nappytabs, the renowned choreographers understood for their collaborate with such TELEVISION programs as "So You Think You Can Dancing" and "Dancing with destiny."

Enjoy these energetic children sing and dance as they welcome a brand-new trainee to her very first day of institution.… Read the rest

How To Dance Like Michael Jackson [How To Moonwalk Billie Jean Thriller Beat Bad] by Corey Vidal

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00:45 – Moonwalk (Part 1)
03:50 – Moonwalk (Part 2)
07:37 – Moonwalk (Sideways)
10:38 – Kick
13:19 – Spin
15:36 – Lean
18:32 – Toe Freeze
20:01 – Combo
22:15 – Outro

Host Corey Vidal teaches you how to dance like Michael Jackson.

This is the last 'How To Dance' video I will ever make.… Read the rest

Michael Jackson- They Don’t Care About Us (HD 1080p BluRay Brazil Version)

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Song Title: They Don't Care Concerning Us (Without Water Marks Brazil Version).
Singer: Michael Jackson (Official Video).
Quality: HD 1080p for broad display (16:9).
Album/ Movie: Michael Jackson's Vision.

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Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal (HD 1080p BluRay Official Version)

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Song: Smooth Criminal (Official Release)
Singer: Michael Jackson
Quality: HD 1080p BluRay Official Version for wide screen

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