Best Amazing Rare Footage. New proof that Michael Jackson is alive in 2017! MUST SEE VIDEO.

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MJ died, if found out about the truth around his death in 2017: it's a set up murder by gangstalking perpetrators. He is a victim a targeted individual! It was hard in the 90's 00's to be a popstar, you were really a huge popstar there was no social media.… Read the rest

Michael Jackson ft 2Pac – illuminati Don’t Care About Us ▽ (with Lyrics) HD 2012

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We have a video for "REAL" Michael Jackson fans. You have to know what he stood for to truly understand this video remix.

Versatility and truth, this is what MJ and Pac used to evade and plot against the elites and the illuminati. Study them and learn the truth for yourself.

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