Michael Jackson’s influences

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My first try on Adobe Premiere! Still rough on the edges, but a man should know when to stop and wrap up his work.

Here, I try to highlight similarities between Michael Jackson and other entertainers. There are many, many more comparisons that could have been made, but this little video had already consumed so many of my hours… And yes, I forgot to add Bill Bailey (1912-1978), who was the first man to ever be recorded moonwalking, at the end of the video.… Read the rest

Michael Jackson,James Brown,and Prince on stage (1983 )

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Michael Jackson amuses by singin and dancin, James brownish talks, and also prince … well, he simply acts actually odd in this video clip, lol. sorry the high quality isn't that fantastic yet at lest u could see the video clip:-RRB- Remark and price, and also subscribe if u like my video clips. it will certainly make me delighted:-RRB- lol.… Read the rest

Michael Jackson – Thriller (High School Edition)

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Ever wonder what Michael Jackson's Thriller would sound like today? Enjoy this high school remake of the classic, as we pay tribute to MJ! The only thing scarier than the truth, is my horrible singing. ENJOY x
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Durrani Bros

Paul Castro aka THE iDENTiTY CRiSiS (youtube.com/theidc)

Majestic Films (Aman, Ranvir, Sahib and Harjit)

www.eshairandmakeup.com (Erum)

Ess Kay Ji (Sandy Gill)

Humble the Poet, Chase, Nandini, Tia, Manny, Marwa, Kiana, Tobin, Pyro, Sanjeev, Gowtham, Thivakar, Shereen, Natasha, Nisanthan, Holly, Connor, Jabbar, Deepta, Shaila, Jillian, Jaime and Gautam.… Read the rest

Michael Jackson coffin photo is FAKE! ~conspiracy?~

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Why are you individuals calling ME dumb? I was just explaining WHY it's fake. I never claimed MJ lived or anything, seriously stfu or i'm eliminating remarks. Michael Jackson's casket picture is a fake his body is really James Browns body and also his head from another picture was photo went shopping onto JB's Body.Just try to find yourself.… Read the rest

The Game (Feat. Chris Brown) – Better On The Other Side (Michael Jackson Tribute)

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Fresh New Music:
Official Video For Better On The Other Side By The Game Feat. Chris Brown. Michael Jackson Tribute! R.I.P. -► DOWNLOAD THIS BONUS RINGTONE @

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James Brown Dies (Tribute w/ Michael Jackson)

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Exclusive Footage and Interview

James Brown Dies at the Age of 73 on Christmas Morning. But he is just part of a bigger story, the changing of the guard, the black icons/leadership/pioneers that we have been losing at a rapid pace, must be replaced by you, the future. We are personally sad, because James Brown blessed us with this interview early in BlackTree Media's career, and it put us on a stage that we have grown tremendously from.… Read the rest